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I am counting on you, Samus.

—Quiet Robe (translated from Chozo)

Quiet Robe (Henki Maradis in the Chozo language[note 1]) is a Chozo from the Thoha tribe that appears in Metroid Dread. He was first introduced in Chozo Memories unlockable in Metroid: Samus Returns.


Metroid: Samus Returns

Quiet Robe appears in Chozo Memories 5/11, 7/11, 9/11, 10/11, and 11/11. The eleventh Memory only unlocks if all items have been acquired on the save file, at which point it will appear when the tenth Memory is selected.

Through the Chozo Memories, it is learned that Quiet Robe was present as the Thoha Chozo attempted to colonize SR388. The Thoha spearheaded the creation of the Metroids as a countermeasure against the terrifying X Parasites - as a failsafe, the Metroids were programmed to remain docile towards those bearing Thoha DNA. Unfortunately, the project was deemed a failure when the Metroids unexpectedly mutated out of control. Quiet Robe and the other Thoha decided to instead seal the Metroids within the crust of SR388, a gambit made successful thanks to the help of the Mawkin tribe.

Afterwards, the Thoha planned to detonate SR388 and eradicate both the Metroids and the X. Raven Beak had other plans, instead ordering the slaughter of the Thoha and sparing only Quiet Robe for his bioengineering prowess and Metroid-controlling Thoha genes.

Metroid Dread

Quiet Robe working on Experiment No. Z-57.

Quiet Robe was promptly put to work preparing for the Metroid army on ZDR. As shown in the Chozo Archives, Quiet Robe also worked on creating other bioweapons such as Experiment No. Z-57. However, ZDR soon descended into chaos after one of the Mawkin soldiers was revealed to have contracted an X Parasite; Raven Beak was forced to put his plot on hold in order to deal with the parasitic plague. All Chozo on ZDR, except for Quiet Robe and Raven Beak, were soon claimed by the X Parasites. By the time the outbreak was contained in Elun, Samus Aran had already exterminated the Metroids on SR388, further delaying Raven Beak's plans for a Metroid army.

Quiet Robe and Raven Beak overseeing the E.M.M.I.'s reprogramming.

Raven Beak used this opportunity to attract the Galactic Federation's E.M.M.I. to the planet using the X. Upon capturing them, the E.M.M.I. were reprogrammed to eventually extract the Metroid DNA from Samus's body, with Quiet Robe and Raven Beak analyzing a holographic interface of an E.M.M.I.

Once Samus makes her way into Ferenia, she is attacked by E.M.M.I.-06WB but saved by Quiet Robe, who remotely deactivates the E.M.M.I. Samus follows him into his chamber. The Chozo explains his past with the Metroids and Raven Beak, deactivates the remaining E.M.M.I., opens a gate in Burenia, and implores her to evade capture and stop Raven Beak's plans. When Samus assures Quiet Robe that she will, the Chozo smiles, but is struck down from behind by a Robot Chozo Soldier. Angered, Samus destroys the assassin and then solemnly regards Quiet Robe's corpse with a moment of silence.

After the X have been freed from Elun, a red X uses Quiet Robe's body to reactivate the E.M.M.I. to continue hunting Samus, repeating his final words as it does so. This X copy of Quiet Robe later reappears aboard the Gunship after Samus has finished off Raven Beak and awoken her Metroid powers. After standing behind her, it graciously bows, showing that Quiet Robe's personality somehow lingers within the X. The Quiet Robe copy then reassumes its red X form and deliberately lets itself be absorbed by Samus, giving her access to Thoha genes and regaining full control of her Metroid powers so she does not endanger her Gunship.

The reason Quiet Robe's X Parasite appears to assist Samus for seemingly no benefit to its species is unclear, as it was initially against her by reactivating the E.M.M.I. The X could be seen as sacrificing itself in an attempt to neutralize Samus's Metroid DNA and thereby "killing" its natural predator, similar to the X on board the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion attempting to sacrifice themselves by destroying the whole station in an effort to kill Samus, and the SA-X later completely ignoring her dormant Metroid DNA in favor of targeting actual Metroids in the Restricted Laboratory and Docking Bays. Alternatively, Quiet Robe's memories may have ultimately influenced the X Parasite to aid Samus due to the X copy bowing similarly to Quiet Robe just before reverting to its original form, which Adam hypothesized during Fusion.

Physical appearance

Quiet Robe has brown-gray skin and yellow eyes and wears an ornate gold headdress resembling a bishop's mitre with purple cloths that have gold plates, as well as gold-plated shoulder pads with blue jewels, and a blue-black robe and garment with gold accents. This Chozo's neck and elbows are covered in small brown-gray feathers. Quiet Robe has this same general appearance in both Samus Returns and Dread, with minor differences in details between the two games, such as the decorations of his headdress and the length of his sleeves.

When resurrected by an X Parasite, Quiet Robe's skin turns a pale shade of purple, and his eyes become entirely white. The latter trait is shared with Raven Beak X, Chozo Zombies, and the X-infected Chozo Soldiers, as well as the SA-X.


  • The manner in which Quiet Robe greets Samus - by bowing his head and placing a hand on his heart - is the same way that the Luminoth in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes thank Samus for saving Aether.
  • Samus's conversation with Quiet Robe can be re-read in the Mission Log at any time.


Chozo Memories

Meeting with Samus



  1. ^ This is an approximate transcription; the Chozo translation of Quiet Robe's name is spoken aloud, but never appears in writing.


  1. ^ Although Quiet Robe is not referred to by gendered terms in the English version of Metroid Dread, the Spanish version refers to this character with masculine terms such as cientifico and amigo. Similarly, in the Japanese version, Adam referring to Quiet Robe as "our Thoha friend" is translated as あのソウハ族の男 (that Thoha man?).
  2. ^