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"Quiet Robe's chamber" is a significant room in Ferenia. It appears in Metroid Dread.


This chamber is found in lower Ferenia, and entered soon after Samus reaches the area. It only has one entrance, isolating it from much of the Chozo sanctuary. It appears to be domed, based on the shape of the wall and floor in the background. There is a large ledge on the left, connected to a ramp in the background. Besides the ledge, there are two higher platforms that are supported by a single buttress each. Hanging cables connect the two platforms, and wobble in the scenery, likely due to a slight wind from the open windows in the background.

The room's main feature is a central computer system of multiple holographic screens powered by a projector on the ceiling and surrounded by seven tall buttresses. While the projector remains on for the duration of Dread, emitting a blue light, the screens disappear after Samus returns from Elun.[1] To either side of the front of the projector are pieces of fallen debris; what caused them to fall and what they are part of is unknown.


The room is briefly glimpsed when Samus is ambushed by E.M.M.I.-06WB; a hand is shown pressing buttons on a terminal, which deactivates the E.M.M.I., as well as the other two that are still active.

Samus enters the room off-screen after encountering a benevolent Chozo in Ferenia's E.M.M.I. Zone. The Chozo introduces himself as Quiet Robe, a Thoha scientist. He tells Samus that the Chozo who attacked her at the entrance to Artaria is named Raven Beak, and leads a fanatical warrior faction of the Chozo called the Mawkin. He explains that the Mawkin aided the Thoha in containing the Metroids on SR388, but turned on them when the Thoha proposed destroying the planet. Raven Beak wanted the Metroids as bioweapons, and had the Mawkin slaughter all Thoha, only sparing Quiet Robe, as he was needed to control the Metroids.

Quiet Robe reveals the history of the Thoha and Mawkin tribes.

Quiet Robe explains that he was brought to ZDR. Raven Beak had made plans to return to SR388 for the Metroids, but soon discovered that one of his soldiers was infected by an X Parasite while on ZDR, which spread to all other Mawkin soldiers. Raven Beak managed to contain the X, and then made haste to return to SR388. Unfortunately for him, by that point, Samus had eradicated all of the Metroids there (as depicted in Metroid II: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns).

However, they were not extinct. Because Samus had spared one Metroid, and DNA from it was later implanted into her (during Metroid Fusion), Raven Beak saw another opportunity to achieve his goal. Quiet Robe informs Samus that Raven Beak has commanded the E.M.M.I. to extract her Metroid DNA. After a long pause, Samus speaks for the only time in the game, and assures him that she will stop Raven Beak. Convinced, Quiet Robe unlocks a gate for her in Burenia, and says he is counting on her. Moments later, a Robot Chozo Soldier assassinates him from behind. Infuriated, Samus destroys it. Once she has, Samus looks at Quiet Robe's body for a moment before leaving.

After the X are released from Elun, a red X makes its way into this room and reanimates Quiet Robe's corpse. Repeating his last words,

I am counting on you.

—Quiet Robe (X)

The Chozo reactivates the remaining E.M.M.I. If Samus returns to the room after Elun, Quiet Robe's X form is no longer there, but she does not react to the body being missing. Quiet Robe later appears aboard her Gunship at the end of the game, allowing Samus to absorb his X to neutralize her Metroid powers.

Transcript of conversation[]

Quiet Robe: I am Quiet Robe, a scientist of the Thoha tribe.

The Chozo who attacked you is called Raven Beak.

He possesses superior physical prowess and intelligence, and is the leader of a Chozo warrior tribe called the Mawkin.

Aided by the Maukin, a fellow tribe of the Chozo, we managed to contain the Metroids that were running rampant on SR388.

Our intention was to eradicate these Metroids, which had become more dangerous than ever before, by destroying the planet.


Raven Beak… took extreme measures to prevent that.

He worships at the altar of power. In his eyes, the Metroids were…

symbolic of a power great enough to rule the galaxy.

Raven Beak plotted to bring the Metroids to ZDR and use them as a bioweapon.

To accomplish this, he needed the Thoha tribe, as we possess the ability to control the Metroids.

For that purpose, I alone was spared.

Raven Beak and the Maukin tribe took me back to their homeworld, ZDR, in order to continue their preparations for gathering Metroids.

However, they ran into unforeseen difficulties and were forced to put their plan on hold.

One of the soldiers who returned from SR388 was actually an X in disguise.

ZDR descended into chaos. All of their soldiers were infected by the X.

Yet somehow, Raven Beak narrowly managed to contain them.

He then turned his thoughts to resuming his plan… But the Metroids on SR388 had already been eradicated by your hand.

With the Metroids now extinct…

Raven Beak’s plans should have lain in ruin.

Yes, lain in ruin…if not for you.

The E.M.M.I. are being used by Raven Beak. Samus Aran…listen well. He has commanded them to…

Extract the Metroid DNA from within your body.

Samus: Don’t worry… I’ll end this. Once and for all.

Quiet Robe: You must proceed this way-I have unlocked the gate.

I am counting on you, Samus.

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