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Rage Hands[1] are conscious extensions of Phantoon's ethereal being in the form of large hands. They appear in Metroid: Other M as a new enemy and attack of Phantoon's; he did not use them in Super Metroid.


Since the Rage Hands are part of Phantoon, their colors are similar, and have an eye like Phantoon's embedded into their palms. They swing at Samus, and try to grab her in order to damage her and slam her into the ground. A Lethal Strike can be performed on downed ones, although the Screw Attack destroys them much easier and faster.


  • Disembodied hands with an eyeball on their palms are frequently seen in Nintendo franchises, including the Eyerok from Super Mario 64 and Key Master from The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.
    • In concept art, a pair of Rage Hands are "attached" to the dark mist-formed body of Phantoon, serving as his actual hands. This resembles the main antagonist of Star Fox, Andross.
    • Dark Samus's earlier forms also possessed an eye on her hand, but it is on the back of her hand, rather than the palm.
  • Their eyes, when pulled from their sockets, resemble Reaper Vines.



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