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"What's the matter? All I said was that Komaytos look like little Metr-"

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Shoot for the heavens, and you will become strong by your own power!

—Letter addressed to Joey

Rand Apronika (ランド · アポロニカ Rando Aporonika?) was the father of Joey. After his father had protected the Liberty village, Joey was greatly inspired by him and wanted to take action and defend the village from future Space Pirate attacks. He got this chance when Dragüd landed and Samus Aran intervened. How exactly Rand died is unknown, but chapter six reveals that he died a year before the events of the manga. Joey later discovers that his father left a parcel for him in his grave, which contains a letter encouraging him to fly out into space on his own, and his Field Knuckle technology. He later uses this technology to save his estranged mother, Dr. Diana Apronika, and utilizes it in many further combat situations.

In Metroid EX chapter ten, the Greed Corps general Knight reveals to Joey that he was very close to his father. They trained for many years and Knight respected him as a rival. Rand was always able to defeat Knight using the hidden power of the Field Knuckle, a massively powerful move called Exodus.


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