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Metroid Prime Rapid Fire Missiles (GCN)

A technique in action.

Rapid Fire Missiles is a technique used in Metroid Prime to shoot Missiles in rapid succession, making its rate of fire comparable to that of the 2D Metroid games. To utilize this technique, Samus must first shoot a Missile with the Y button, then press the A button to change the Arm Cannon back into beam mode. Doing this cancels the delay after firing a Missile, so she is able to fire another Missile. Repeating this allows her to fire Missiles quite a bit faster than she usually can (Press Y, A, Y, A etc.). This technique can be used to quickly dispatch powerful creatures and bosses. It is also possible to perform by switching to the Power Beam and holding the C-Stick up and simply press the missile button.[1]

In Wii versions of Metroid Prime (New Play Control! and Trilogy), this technique can be still utilized by pressing the D-pad down to fire a missile, then the A button[2] to switch back into beam mode (that is: down, A, down, A etc.).[3]

Regardless of the version, this technique can only be used while the Arm Cannon is in the Power Beam formation.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Trilogy version of Metroid Prime 2: EchoesSamus is able to utilize Rapid Fire Missiles via hacking. Due to being part of Echoes, this is also possible in Multiplayer.
    • During Multiplayer, Rapid Fire Missiles can be combined with Super Missiles.

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