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Hadar... sen olmen. ("Power... is everything.")

—Raven Beak[2]

Raven Beak (Ashkar Behek in the Chozo language[note 1]) was the Chozo leader of the Mawkin tribe. He was first introduced in Chozo Memories unlockable in Metroid: Samus Returns, and appears as the main antagonist of Metroid Dread.



Raven Beak is a high-ranking leader of the Mawkin tribe. When Samus Aran was adopted by the Chozo on Zebes, he alongside a Thoha Chozo (thought to be Gray Voice) voluntarily contributed his DNA to infuse into Samus. His special Mawkin heritage greatly enhanced Samus' fighting prowess and instincts.

Metroid: Samus Returns[]

Raven Beak appears in the tenth and eleventh Chozo Memories in the game. The eleventh Memory only unlocks if all items have been acquired on the save file, at which point it will appear when the tenth Memory is selected.

Raven Beak orders the slaughter of the Thoha.

The Chozo Memories depict Raven Beak's interactions with the Thoha Chozo on SR388. After the Metroids went out of control, the Thoha collaborated with Raven Beak's Mawkin tribe to help seal away the Metroids. The procedure was successful. However, Raven Beak still saw use in the Metroids and believed they symbolized a power great enough to bring order to the galaxy. Upon hearing the Thoha wanted to detonate SR388 along with every Metroid on it, Raven Beak ordered a massacre, sparing only Quiet Robe for his bioengineering skills and ability to control Metroids. Raven Beak's forces then retreated to ZDR with Quiet Robe, planning to return to SR388 for Metroid samples a later date.

Metroid Dread[]

Raven Beak discovers the X have infiltrated ZDR.

Upon returning to ZDR, Raven Beak learned that one of his soldiers had been infected by a dangerous X Parasite while on SR388. This pandemic forced Raven Beak to put his Metroid plot on hold as he fought to contain the X. Eventually every Chozo on ZDR except Raven Beak and Quiet Robe were assimilated by the X, forcing Raven Beak to quarantine them within Elun and rely on Robot Chozo Soldiers instead. By the time the X were contained, Raven Beak learned that Samus Aran had already exterminated every Metroid on SR388. It seemed his Metroid army would never come to fruition.

However, Raven Beak developed an alternative method to achieve his goal. Realizing Samus possessed the last sample of Metroid DNA in the galaxy, he sought a way to steal it from her body. The answer came in the form of the Galactic Federation's E.M.M.I., which he lured to ZDR using footage of an X Parasite to prompt investigation. As shown in the Chozo Archives, he was responsible for the damaged state of E.M.M.I.-01P. He captured the seven units, working with Quiet Robe to reprogram them to hunt Samus and extract her Metroid DNA.

Samus's first confrontation with Raven Beak.

Samus Aran was hired by the Galactic Federation soon after to investigate the disappearance of the E.M.M.I. units. Raven Beak personally attacks her upon her arrival in Artaria. She gets a defiant Super Missile shot on his helmet, cracking the eye. Furious, Raven Beak grabs her by the neck and prepares to finish her off, proclaiming the Chozo words "Hadar Sen Olmen"[2] ("Power is Everything"). However, Samus suddenly awakens her Metroid powers for the first time before going unconscious, which is exactly what Raven Beak wanted. He then retreats, sparing her on the ground.

Raven Beak is later depicted in hieroglyphs found by Samus in Ferenia, in which he is shown commanding his soldiers to kill the Thoha on SR388. Shortly after this discovery, Samus meets Quiet Robe, who disables the remaining E.M.M.I. and informs her of Raven Beak's past and plans before being killed by a Robot Chozo Soldier.

When the X Parasites are released from Elun, ADAM speculates it was Raven Beak's doing. The X Parasites spread chaos throughout ZDR, including reactivating the E.M.M.I. units via Quiet Robe's remains.

Through the successive battles against the X and the remaining E.M.M.I., Samus finally unlocks her dormant Metroid powers. ADAM declares this "tremendous power is the last thing she required to confront Raven Beak" and detects the flying fortress Itorash. He directs Samus to confront Raven Beak there.

Raven Beak in his throne room on Itorash.

On Itorash, Raven Beak reveals his plans to Samus through the guise of ADAM. He explains that their encounter in Artaria must have awoken her Metroid side's aggression towards Mawkin, and she has since been evolving into a complete Metroid. Pleased with Samus and declaring that he was right to have spared her in their first meeting, Raven Beak commands Samus to kneel before him so they may "bring order to the galaxy", revealing he posed as ADAM during the entirety of her journey through ZDR.[3] Samus defiantly destroys his ADAM projection, and Raven Beak is found sitting in his throne room. He refers to Samus as his "daughter," revealing that his DNA was among the Chozo DNA infused within her when she was first adopted. Raven Beak expresses his disappointment in her disobedience before he and Samus engage in a final showdown.

Raven Beak overwhelms Samus a second time despite her new powers, once again holding her by the neck. He gloats that even without her cooperation, he can clone her to create an army of Samus Aran, the most powerful Metroid in existence. Samus's anger activates the full potential of her Metroid powers, allowing her to destroy Raven Beak's helmet through the crack in his eye and begin draining his life energy. Wailing and writhing in pain, Raven Beak fails to break Samus's grip as her rampant power begins draining Itorash itself, causing the fortress to crash into Hanubia.

Raven Beak's final stand.

Raven Beak survives the crash, but greatly wounded and with his armor damaged. As he prepares to face Samus once more, he is suddenly infected by a purple X Parasite, violently transforming into Raven Beak X. Using her latent power, Samus unleashes the devastating Hyper Beam to completely eradicate both Raven Beak and the X Parasite possessing him, ensuring that Raven Beak will never come back. Samus is then able to escape the explosive destruction of ZDR, leaving Raven Beak and all his work utterly annihilated.

Physical appearance[]

Raven Beak has red eyes and wears an decorative metal headpiece similar to that of a kabuto, a red draping cloak, and a metal plating-covered arm. He has this appearance in both Samus Returns and Dread, although a primary difference is that in Samus Returns, he wore a gold set of armor with blue robes, while in Dread he wore primarily silver armor with a red fabric with gold accents resembling ceremonial scarves. The gold colored Chozo lettering on his scarves spell out "Hadar sen Olmen", which translates to "Power is Everything," a phrase he utters several times in the course of Dread and serve as the backbone of his philosophy of bringing order to the galaxy through power and dominance.

The armor, particularly the torso, strongly resembles that of the Varia Suit, and it also utilizes an Arm Cannon similar to that of Samus. As a result of Raven Beak's first battle with Samus, his faceplate has a crack on its right eye, which Samus caused with a Super Missile hit. He is also shown to have an extremely tall appearance, being at least three times Samus's height; the hieroglyphs, the Dread version of Chozo Memory 10/11, and some of the Chozo Archives imply that his height was exceptional even by Chozo standards.

As befitting his name, his head is shown to resemble a raven when he is unmasked near the end of the game; however, he seems to have light gray skin instead of black feathers on his face. During his final battle with Samus, Raven Beak generates large, feathery brown-black wings. He is the only modern Chozo seen with an ability to fly, with it being elaborated in the manga that the Chozo otherwise lost their wings long ago. It is unknown whether these wings had some mechanical aspect or were wholly biological, as Raven Beak was shown to be able to remove at least one of them with relatively minimal effort or apparent pain.


Raven Beak, at his core, valued power above all else, to the extent that he often declared that "power is everything", even having it printed in the Chozo Language on his robes. Quiet Robe stated that Raven Beak worshipped at the altar of power. This worship of power was ultimately what drove him to opt to wipe out the Thoha tribe after the latter party opted to destroy SR388 altogether, Metroids included, due to viewing the Metroids as necessary for his bid for galactic conquest. He also has little tolerance for any defiance towards his orders, opting to fight Samus again when she refused to aid him in Itorash, as well as executing any Chozo who would not follow him (including his massacre of the Thoha tribe on SR388, feeding Chozo prisoners to an underwater beast, and ordering a Robot Chozo Soldier to slay Quiet Robe), leaving only the loyal ones left.

He was also shown to be intelligent, manipulative, and pragmatic, as he altered his initial plan of killing Samus to drain Samus of her Metroid DNA to trying to have her embrace her Metroid nature after deducing from their first encounter at Artaria that he could exploit the Mawkin genes he provided her with to have her embrace her Metroid DNA traits fully, and also went as far as to consider cloning Samus herself. He purposefully engineered events within Metroid Dread to make Samus grow stronger to suit his plans; either she survives and becomes a more valuable pawn, or dies and her genetic material gets used to make his army. He was also shown to be very arrogant as well, as can be implied by how he subtly boasted that Samus would always be inferior to him when posing as ADAM. This arrogance ultimately acted as his downfall.

Despite his traits, he may have had some elements of compassion, as demonstrated in the flashback to Samus being infused with the Chozo's DNA where he was revealed to have provided his own DNA to allow Samus an ability to fight, and also attempted (albeit in an arrogant manner) to offer for Samus to aid him in his attempts at galactic conquest despite ultimately not even needing Samus alive by that point.


Raven Beak wears a Chozo Power Suit similar to Samus's, complete with a powerful Arm Cannon. This Arm Cannon is capable of a wide variety of shots including gigantic laser beams, projections of a harmful aura, explosive balls of darkness, or radiant balls of light. His armor possesses sharp claws on its hand and feet, which can be enhanced with a light to extend the range and power of his swipes. He displays an affinity for utilizing Aeion abilities, most notably the Flash Shift, the Beam Burst, and two forms of Lightning Armor, and is also capable of a Shinespark-like tackle attack. He is also able to generate large feathered wings that grant him flight, as demonstrated during his final confrontation with Samus.

Even without his Aeion abilities, Raven Beak was noted by Samus after the first encounter to be much faster and more agile than his tall physique would imply.[2] He also was shown to have a high enough endurance that not even Samus whacking his arm with her arm cannon in an attempt at forcing him to release his grip during their rematch was able to faze him. In the end, his power was so overwhelming that even a fully-upgraded Samus was helpless to defeat him without fully harnessing her Metroid powers.


First phase[]

Raven Beak with Lightning Armor

Raven Beak attacks with up to three consecutive swipes; a black homing sphere that can be destroyed by four Missiles for pickups; an upward laser sweep that spans the entire room except the space next to him; and a dash punch that can be Melee Countered to trigger a Grab Sequence. He can also Flash Shift to one of the sides of the room to increase his distance from Samus.

Raven Beak's armor is shrouded by a blue aura similar to the Lightning Armor, which is only disabled during Grab Sequences. The protective blue aura must be shot enough times until it turns red, after which he will release a massive wave that can be crouched, slid, or Morph Balled under. After dodging the wave, a Grab Sequence automatically occurs where he must be Melee Countered; Raven Beak charges a massive laser and sweeps it, letting Samus damage him during the laser's wind-up before she backflips away.

If Samus has not dealt enough damage via Grab Sequences during this phase of the battle, Raven Beak's armor will turn gold after releasing the red wave, nullifying all damage. Samus must wait until he taunts her to approach him and Melee Counter twice in succession, triggering another Grab Sequence; Samus sidesteps his laser, jumps over a punch, slides under his stomp, and backflips over another laser. She can also Melee Counter his dash punch to the same effect.

After dealing enough damage through Grab Sequences, Samus fires a contact-point Charge Shot into Raven Beak's abdomen, destroying his cape and scarves. He then unfurls his wings and takes flight for the second phase.

Second phase[]

Raven Beak with wings

Raven Beak's aerial attacks consists of an aimed stream of small shots similar to the Beam Burst; a charged laser aimed diagonally downward; a horizontal dash slam into a wall that can be evaded by sliding or Morph Ball; and a downward slam into the floor. While each attack is telegraphed, this phase does not provide any pick-ups.

Once he has taken more damage, Raven Beak fires a laser that is dodged by Samus and she retaliates in kind, blasting off one of his wings. Now grounded, Raven Beak rips off his other functional wing and tosses it aside before the third phase.

Third phase[]

Raven Beak is grounded again

Raven Beak largely uses the same attacks as his first phase, although he does not perform the red wave or the taunt. He does add some new moves to the battle: summoning a sun-like orb that flies to the top of the arena and shoots wave projectiles, although the orb can be destroyed with a Power Bomb to release several pickups; using horizontal and vertical Shinesparks, which are telegraphed by him hovering slightly off the ground while engulfed in a blue aura; and standing his ground to aim at Samus while charging up a massive laser.

Upon receiving even more damage, a Finish Counter will be triggered: Raven Beak towers over Samus as he swipes his claw at her, which must be Melee Countered twice. Failure to successfully counter this will continue the fight until Samus does enough damage again to initiate the Finish Counter. Successfully countering the Finish Counter triggers a cutscene where Samus prepares to use her Metroid powers against Raven Beak, but he counters, Flash Shifts to her, and holds her up by the throat, rendering her powerless. Samus's suit morphs into the Metroid Suit and she drains his life energy and Itorash's power by grabbing his head, causing it to crash onto the surface. A wounded Raven Beak is then ambushed by an X Parasite, transforming him into Raven Beak X.

Official data[]

Nintendo tweets[]

Nintendo of America
"A mysterious figure has got a fierce bone to pick with Samus. What appears to be a Chozo, a species said to be peaceful but now rarely seen, doesn’t appear so peaceful here. The reason they’re attacking Samus remains a mystery… #MetroidDread"[4]
"Still thinking of Samus’ encounter with this Chozo warrior… #MetroidDread"[5]
Nintendo UK
"As Samus reaches the depths of planet ZDR, a mysterious figure attacks. It looks like a Chozo, but the rarely-seen race are supposedly peaceful…so why are they after Samus? #MetroidDread"[6]
Nintendo of Europe
"The mysterious Chozo that attacks Samus as #MetroidDread begins is far bigger and stronger than her, and also wears a similar Arm Cannon. How will Samus overcome this powerful foe?"[7]

Metroid Dread Report[]

A Mysterious Opponent (Volume 7)
"A powerful and mysterious Chozo warrior suddenly attacks Samus. Its right arm is equipped with an Arm Cannon, just like Samus. This figure is much larger than Samus and other Chozo Soldiers, and it easily overpowers Samus in combat ."


  • Raven Beak's massacre of the Thoha tribe made him indirectly responsible for all of the events of the series starting with the first game/Metroid Zero Mission, exempting Metroid Prime Hunters, as the massacre resulted in the prolonged survival of the X parasites and Metroids, which eventually became the target of the Space Pirates, among other organizations and antagonists, and thus forming the basis of conflict for the entire series.
  • Raven Beak is notable as being one of a few characters to canonically survive being drained by a Metroid attack (in this case, Samus herself after she underwent a metamorphosis via her Metroid DNA going unstable), after Samus herself, Proteus Ridley, and Mother Brain.
  • Largely because of Raven Beak's role in Samus having Mawkin DNA, he is technically the third surrogate father for Samus, after Gray Voice and Commander Adam Malkovich. However, she is not particularly close to him at any point prior to this game, rendering him merely another genetic donor.
    • His Mawkin DNA donation could also retroactively explain why nearly all Metroids attacked Samus despite having Thoha tribe genetics: a genetic and instinctual hatred to any Chozo of the Mawkin tribe, canceling out the Thoha tribe pacification instincts.
  • Raven Beak can be considered the first main antagonist of a Metroid game to be a Chozo acting on his own free will. The first instance of antagonistic Chozo was the True Chozo in the non-canon story Blood of the Chozo. The Chozo Ghosts in Metroid Prime were driven mad by Phazon corruption, while the other Mawkin in Dread were infected by X Parasites.
  • Raven Beak's attacks in the second phase of his boss fight are highly reminiscent of Ridley's traditional attacks and may be intended as a tribute since Ridley himself makes no appearance in the game.
  • In the promotional render shown in Dread Report Volume 7, Raven Beak's robes display the text "Hadar sen olsimen" in Chozo symbols. This differs from the version seen in-game, which reads "Hadar sen olmen". Presumably, the language was altered during development.
  • Raven Beak's appearance captures several real-world elements. His helmet is similar to that of a kabuto worn by samurais, which seems to have a kashiradate, maedate, and ushirodate. On the Chozo hieroglyphs, Raven Beak is depicted wearing a nemes like that of a pharaoh. His red cloak is also reminiscent of a paludamentum worn by a legatus. Red was associated with Mars, the god of war. The color of his cuirass also maintains the Roman army motif with its silver, metallic color.
  • Raven Beak is the only Chozo to wield an Arm Cannon. With the exception of Robot Chozo Soldiers, the Chozo are typically seen unarmed or wielding a pole weapon.


Artwork and renders[]



Itorash and Hanubia[]


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