Raven Beak X[1] is a hulking beast created by a purple X Parasite forming an amalgamation of Raven Beak and Kraid; it also seemingly possesses aspects of other powerful creatures Samus Aran has slain across ZDR, such as Experiment No. Z-57. It appears as the final boss of Metroid Dread.


The unique purple X Parasite had been quarantined in Elun during the X outbreak on ZDR, or else it was spawned afterward by the X that were released by Raven Beak. It presumably made its way to Cataris and absorbed the DNA of Kraid, who had been defeated by Samus Aran earlier; since Kraid sank into the lava, the X most likely absorbed his last stomach spike, which remains in the room after his battle but vanishes after the X are released from Elun.[2] The X then headed to the planet's surface, Hanubia. After Itorash crashes in Hanubia, the purple X Parasite ambushes Raven Beak and infects him, causing him to writhe and scream in agony.

Combining the DNA of Kraid and Raven Beak, the X transforms into a colossal monster largely derived from Kraid's form, but with Chozo-like limbs replacing its arms and smaller limbs dangling from its throat. Raven Beak X's head also bears Kraid's likeness, although it can split open in the middle (reminiscent of Drogyga or Experiment No. Z-57) to reveal Raven Beak's head within a mass of black sludge. Raven Beak X's eyes are white, which is a trait shared with other X-infected Chozo as well as SA-X. Unlike Kraid or Raven Beak, this form appears to be unable to stand up straight, instead using its arms to drag itself forward (also reminiscent of Experiment No. Z-57). Much like Quiet Robe, this X echoes some of Raven Beak's final words, exclaiming "Samuuuuus!"[note 1] and "Hadar sen olmen!" in a distorted voice while approaching Samus.[3]

Raven Beak X is significantly more powerful than other X hosts. While most X would immediately die upon making contact with Samus's Metroid Suit, Raven Beak X is capable of instantly killing Samus by biting her with its enormous jaws.

Using her latent power, Samus unleashes the devastating Hyper Beam to defeat Raven Beak X, forcing it to revert back to its original gelatinous form. Instead of absorbing the X, Samus proceeds to fire the Hyper Beam again and completely eviscerates it into nothingness, ensuring that Raven Beak and Kraid will never come back. However, upon Raven Beak X's death, ZDR begins to self-destruct and Samus is then forced to flee back to her Gunship.


Raven Beak X crawling towards Samus.

Raven Beak X is fought immediately after the main battle against Raven Beak, and therefore can be considered a final phase of the prior boss battle.

Raven Beak X slowly lumbers toward Samus, instantly killing her with a bite if he gets close enough;[4] a checkpoint occurs right before this phase should she suffer a Game Over. Since the Free Aim reticle is automatically pointed at Raven Beak X's head, Samus only needs to hold down the trigger on her newly-acquired Hyper Beam until the beast falls. Samus then eradicates the X in a non-interactive cutscene.


  • Raven Beak X is the only X-infected individual to officially follow the naming scheme of SA-X, designated by the addition of "X" in its name. However, while SA-X's name is hyphenated, Raven Beak X's name is not.
    • Several other X-infected creatures in Dread also have "X" as a suffix in their model names, such as "Rodomithonx" and "Bigkranx", suggesting that they would also follow this naming scheme. However, the canonicity of internal filenames is ambiguous, since these creatures are either not given names in published media, or have canonical in-game names that differ from their internal names and do not include this suffix (for example, Experiment No. Z-57 is internally named "Cooldown-X"). Furthermore, many other X-infected creatures in Dread, such as Nailugger and Quetshocker, do not have "X" in their model names.
    • Raven Beak X's lack of hyphen also extends to its name in the internal files, Commander X. This contrasts with other X-infected enemies that do have hyphens in their internal names, such as "Superquetzoa-X" and "Supergoliath-X".
  • Raven Beak X's similarities to Experiment No. Z-57 imply that the Core-X that fell in the lava after Z-57's defeat somehow survived and was able to assimilate Kraid, who also happened to be defeated in the lava region of Cataris.
  • An arrangement of Tension Before a Confrontation plays during Raven Beak's transformation into Raven Beak X, reprising the song's role as a prelude to boss battles.
  • Raven Beak X is the second X boss to have absorbed the DNA of a Space Pirate commander, following Neo-Ridley in Metroid Fusion. The deaths of Raven Beak X and Neo-Ridley may be considered the final defeats of Kraid and Ridley, respectively.
  • Raven Beak X's dialogue has unused English subtitles, including the unused line "There is no power without sacrifice."[3] Unlike Raven Beak X's other dialogue, this line is never spoken by Raven Beak prior to his X infection.
  • Despite being a powerful host and the final boss of Metroid Dread, Raven Beak X appears to contain an ordinary X Parasite instead of a Core-X, albeit one of a unique color not seen in other X.



  1. ^ As with Raven Beak and Quiet Robe, Raven Beak X pronounces "Samus" differently in the Chozo language, resulting in it sounding more like "Tamus" when spoken.