Admiral Dane has ordered me to remind you that suit maintenance and data backup should be done before the meeting. There is a Recharge Station at the other side of the walkway.

Federation Marines in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption call Save Stations "Recharge Stations".

Recharge room in Metroid Fusion

Unused graphics for stations that only refilled energy or missiles - in the game, all recharge stations recharge both energy and missiles.

A Recharge Station (or Recharge Room in Metroid Fusion) is a device that restores all of Samus's energy and recharges all Missile Ammo and Power Bomb Ammo. It replaces Missile Stations and Energy Charges (and for that matter, Missile Batteries and Big Energy Balls) in Metroid Fusion.

Its appearance resembles that of the Map Stations in Metroid: Zero Mission except they extend from the ground instead of the ceiling. They also attach to Samus' Arm Cannon. These are built into Save Stations and Missile Stations in the Prime Series, although, like in Zero Mission, they extend from the ceiling instead of the ground.

Save Stations in Chozodia and the Space Pirate Mother Ship restore Samus's energy and ammunition, while they do nothing more than save the game in other areas of Zebes during Zero Mission. This proves useful due to the stealth element initially present in those areas.

Samus reloading her Energy and Weapons

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