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The "red-lit corridor" is a room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This is a simple, empty room connecting the "long elevator shaft" to the lava cavern. It is the first room in the Pyrosphere to be explored during gameplay, as the elevator shaft is entered automatically and then entirely explored in a cutscene. When Samus enters this room, Adam contacts her with mission orders. He instructs her to start her search for the Mystery Creature in areas she can access with her currently authorized equipment, and states that he will determine what else to authorize as she explores. Samus nods and renders her Visor opaque, and is then able to move around.

Samus. Start by searching areas you can access with your current equipment. We'll determine weapon and equipment authorization after we get a better understanding of the situation.


The door from the elevator shaft locks after Samus enters this room and remains locked for the rest of the game.

In terms of physical appearance, the room's floor has a track pattern with rectangular, with rectangular hexagon shaped-tiles. On the background wall, there are numerous pulsing small, red lights (hence the name), as well as two long white lights on either side of the elevator door. Along the left side of the floor, there are more white lights, aimed horizontally (when viewed from a three-dimensional perspective; in Search View they would be vertical), and there are blue fluorescent lights on the ceiling. Much of the architecture appears based around stripes and rectangles, as seen predominantly on the walls.

A gate exists on the left side of the room, which houses a Desbrachian. It cannot be interacted with until after the credits, when Samus has free use of Power Bombs after self-authorizing them. She can then use a Power Bomb to spawn the Desbrachian and destroy it. Killing it allows Samus to access the small chamber it was guarding, which contains an Accel Charge. The red-lit corridor is one of two rooms in the Pyrosphere with Desbrachians, with the other being the "Rhedogian room". The Accel Charge in this room is also the only expansion of its kind in Other M to be guarded by a Desbrachian.

Connecting rooms[]



Accel Charge
Can only be obtained after the credits. Samus must defeat the Desbrachian in this room and enter the chamber it was guarding to obtain this Accel Charge.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 171
"Use a Power Bomb to wake the Desbrachian in this room and defeat it. Behind it is a hatch to a small room holding an Accel Charge."