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The "Red Brinstar Fireflea Room" (as unofficially termed by speedrunners) is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid. This room was not present in the original Metroid or Metroid: Zero Mission.


The Red Brinstar Fireflea Room is a long, dimly-lit corridor, which can be reached through the left side of the Red Tower. It cannot be visited until the Power Bombs have been collected, since a Power Bomb Block obstructs the door to it, and said door is a Yellow Hatch. Additionally, the Grappling Beam is needed to safely cross. Much of the floor is lined with spikes, forcing Samus to cross over them using Grapple Points lined along the ceiling, or the Space Jump if she returns from Maridia with it. There are two pits in the room, one with a partially spike-free floor, the other completely engulfed in spikes. The room leads to the X-Ray Scope's chamber; since that is an optional item, Samus may choose not to visit this room at all.

The room's dim lighting is provided by five Firefleas. Killing the Firefleas by shooting or making physical contact with them causes the room to become darker, making it harder for Samus to see. Therefore, the safest option is to shoot them once with the Ice Beam and get past them. Also inhabiting the room are Wavers, which float around the room, and Yapping Maws, which attempt to pull Samus down into the spikes. The Wavers will not knock Samus off of a Grapple Point if she is currently grappled to it; they will only do so if she is between points when swinging across them in midair.

Super Metroid Nintendo Player's Guide refers to the Fireflea Room as a "spike-filled room" on page 55.[1]

Sequence Breaking[]

Using a technique called the "Springwall", it is possible to use the Spring Ball and Wall Jump to cross this room without the Grappling Beam. To do this, the Spring Ball must be in Samus's possession, and it must be disabled on the Samus Screen. Samus must start in the lower pit on the spike-less floor and run towards the left wall. She must Spin Jump to it, perform one vertical Wall Jump and start to morph, then quickly pause and re-enable the Spring Ball. Samus can then jump once in the air with her Spring Ball, to the spikes above. She must perform the technique again on the furthest wall, in the same way to reach the X-Ray Scope's room.

A demonstration of this technique can be viewed here.

Connecting rooms[]


Official data[]

Full view.

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

"If you're proficient at useing[sic] the grappling beam, this part should be no problem although the grabbers can be a little frustrating. If they move, press up on the pad to retract the beam - this will pull you safely out of reach. Wait for them to settle down, then continue as normal."


  1. ^ SCOPING OUT THE X-RAY SCOPE: "Grapple through the spike-filled room, then Bomb and shoot around to find your way past the gates and over to the Chozo Statue that holds the X-Ray Scope. Use it often."