This article is about doors that can only be opened with the Plasma Beam. For other uses, see Red Door (Disambiguation).
Obstacle reddoor

A Red Plasma Beam Door.

Red Doors are doors that can be only be opened by a weapon using super-heated temperatures, such as the Plasma Beam. The red color is actually the color of a force field covering the door. After shooting a red-colored door, the energy covering it will disrupt and dissipate, allowing Samus to enter the next room. They serve the same purpose as the Orange Doors of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Red Doors are scarce, and they are often put in place to guard the most secret and deepest rooms of Tallon IV. The Impact Crater and the deepest parts of the Phazon Mines are the areas that feature them the most.

List of rooms with Red DoorsEdit

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