"Space Pirate encrypted data decoded."

The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

Temple Assembly Site

Red Eye Statues (as named in level data) are encountered throughout the Temple Grounds in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. These statues are shaped like cubes and cuboids and decorated with red eyes, hence the name. Scanning them reveals that they house power grids, motivator units and energy-projection arrays. However, with the exception of a few statues that are still capable of movement, all of this technology is offline due to structural damage or age, and now appear largely decorative. Some Statues can be moved from their current position if shot with a beam of light energy.

One can be seen at the beginning of the game, directly to Samus' left in the Landing Site. However, she does not have the Light Beam by that point, and cannot energize the statue. Once she does so, however, and returns, she can move the statue to a position where it can serve as a platform to the upper ledge and a shortcut to the Service Access room. Also on the upper ledge is the body of M-Dhe, whose Luminoth Datapac provides a clue for Samus as to the location of the warrior's Sky Temple Key.

In the Temple Assembly Site, a Red Eye Statue blocks a Dark Portal to the Plain of Dark Worship and the path leading to a Sky Temple Key. Four statues appear in the Path of Eyes; Two used as stepping stones, one blocking access to a Green Hatch leading to an Energy Tank and a pathway towards the Grand Windchamber and GFMC Compound, and one more statue appears at the end of a Morph Ball Tunnel near the Translator Door. Energizing this last statue is entirely optional, but will provide Samus with a shortcut through the Path of Eyes. Finally, a Red Eye Statue appears in Transport C Access, simply as an obstacle. Samus must move this one so she can access the Torvus Bog.

Inactive statues are found in the following rooms: Plain of Dark Worship, Gateway Access, Shrine Access, Service Access, Path of Honor, Meeting Grounds, Defiled Shrine, Communication Area, Sacred Path, Profane Path and Reliquary Grounds.


Communication Area

"Object scan complete.
Statue houses a power grid, motivator unit, and an energy-projection array.
All systems are offline, due to age or structural damage."
"Object scan complete.
Statue's motivator unit is functional, but requires power to operate it.
The Power Beam can't energize the statue. Seek an alternate energy source."
"Object scan complete.
Statue's motivator unit has burned out.
It will remain at its current position."


  • Strangely the Sunburst will not energize a statue, being deflected instead.