This article is about the BSL security doors. For other uses, see Red Door (Disambiguation).

Samus facing a level 4 security door.

Red Hatches (Security Level 4) can be found throughout the Biologic Space Laboratories research station in Metroid Fusion. To open them, Samus must find the Level 4 Security Station located at the bottom-left corner of Sector 4. Once Samus has unlocked the doors, she can freely pass through them like normal doors by shooting them.

Even though the Red Hatches are Samus's only way out of the lower area of Sector 4 (unless she resorts to Sequence Breaking), Adam becomes upset at her for unlocking them without his permission. This is most likely because the Operations Room and the Restricted Laboratory for the Federation's secret Metroid breeding program both lie behind Red Hatches, as Samus later discovers.


Objective: "Security Level 4 unlocked. Red hatches now active."

Adam: "You upgraded your missiles? That's unusual... There was no word from HQ. A procedural error, I'm sure... Even so, I did not approve of bypassing security Level 4. From now on you will use more discretion."


  • Although they are the last hatches available to be opened, they are the first hatches encountered in the game as there is one right outside the Docking Bays, leading to the Reactor Silo.
  • The Red Hatch in Sector 5 is never able to be opened, even through hacking, as everything beyond it only exists in a destroyed state during the Nightmare event.