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Red Phaazoid

A Red Phaazoid is a red version of a Phaazoid. Sometimes a regular Phaazoid may split into this version - there are ten such rooms where one of the Phaazoids will split into a normal and a Red Phaazoid; it is said that this mutation is the result of an unstable core present during its creation. Red Phaazoids are more aggressive, can take more hits, and can't be split. They explode instead. After a Red Phaazoid has been defeated, Phaazoids will no longer appear in the room, and on most worlds, the surrounding rooms will contain no more Phaazoids either; however, on the Pirate Homeworld, some rooms will always contain normal Phaazoids even after all the Red variants have been destroyed. Defeating one will earn Samus a Gold Credit, but unlike all other Bonus Credits, the Gold Credits received from Red Phaazoids drop from the defeated enemy in a manner similar to all other power-ups (they are scannable, and can be picked up on spot or collected by utilizing the Charge Beam).


  • The Red Phazon seen in the Impact Crater of Metroid Prime is, like the Red Phaazoid, a rarity among the more common type (in this case, blue Phazon). It is possible that Red Phaazoids are somehow linked to the Red Phazon. Red Phazite in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is also possibly linked.
    • If Red Phaazoids are linked to Red Phazon, their logbook entry may hold the only in-game explanation behind the latter's creation. The former is stated to be the result of a rare mutation occuring in an unstable core, while Phazon itself is created by a creature known as a Phazon Core living inside a Leviathan. This would lead to Tallon IV's Leviathan possessing a core that became unstable at some point in its lifespan.

Logbook entryEdit


Red Phaazoid

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Temporary scan

Morphology: Red Phaazoid
Rare strain of corporeal energy. Vulnerable to Phazon-based attacks.

Logbook entry

Red Phaazoids, like their more common siblings, can only be damaged by Phazon-based weaponry. They are wildly aggressive and will split into smaller forms when attacked. Their reddish appearance is the result of an unstable energy core, an uncommon mutation that occurs when a Phaazoid is formed. Overloading their core with Phazon energy will destroy them, causing them to yield a rare item.

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