The Commander wearing Red Phazite armor.

Red Phazite is a rare form of Phazite. Unlike normal Phazite, it cannot be pierced by using the Nova Beam in conjunction with the X-Ray Visor.

Pirate Commanders wear Red Phazite armor, and are the only type of Space Pirate that are allowed to do so. Since it appears nowhere else in-game, it can be presumed that Red Phazite is extremely rare, and forging it is perhaps even more difficult.

It is interesting to note that Omega Ridley, a Space Pirate assumed to be of higher rank than Commanders, never forged this type of Phazite for himself.


  • Red Phazite shares similar traits with Red Phazon and Red Phaazoids, being a rarer and more powerful form of a common blue variant.