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The "Red Tower Elevator Room" is a room in Brinstar. It appears in Super Metroid.


This room is very similar to the Red Tower in being vertical shafts made of red soil. At the top of this shaft is an elevator leading to Crateria, one of three connecting Brinstar to the surface of Zebes, specifically the region close to the Wrecked Ship. Therefore, this is an ideal shortcut to the Wrecked Ship after Samus defeats Kraid and obtains additional power-ups in Norfair.

When entered, the door behind Samus turns into a Yellow Hatch. Shooting two large cube-like blocks in the center of the floor reveals a secret undershaft populated by Zeros, whose molted skins can be seen on the walls. This lower half of the room leads into the "Alpha Power Bomb Room", which contains the first Power Bombs in the game. There are two curious-looking golden pipes visible in the right wall in the lower part of the shaft; their purpose is unknown.

Samus can ascend the shaft to find the door to a Save Room and another room with a Power Bomb Tank. Later, in Maridia, she can access a shortcut to Brinstar that takes her into the Elevator Room via a secret passage in the wall with a shutter. Unlike the rest of the room, this part is made of the blue brick and block material that makes up the "old", blue region of Brinstar and the elevator room to Norfair.

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Official data[]

Nintendo Power volume 60[]

Dead End (pg. 14)
"This hidden corridor is blocked by a gate that can only be lifted from the other side."
Get Down (pg. 14)
"Hit the floor in this area to make your way to the Power Bombs."