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Red crystal switch

A red crystal switch[1][2] is an obstacle encountered a few times in Metroid Prime Hunters. These switches are triangular in shape and contain a red crystal within them, and are often found powering Force Fields on Arcterra. If the crystal is shot with the Imperialist, a "puzzle solved" chime is heard and the Force Field will be powered down. The switches have a proximity sensor and will shutter if Samus gets too close, similar to sensors in Metroid: Other M.

Imperialist target

The first switches appear in Fault Line, almost immediately after Samus acquires the Imperialist. When shot, a lift to the upper regions of the room will begin to operate. This will bring Samus behind another Force Field, powered by two more switches on the opposite side. Backtracking to the Arcterra Gateway or well-timed jumps can allow Samus to shoot these switches and lower the Force Field. In Subterranean, three of these switches will power down a complex maze of Force Fields and activate an elevator in the centre, but the switches are on the ceiling. Navigation of the maze will allow Samus to shoot all of the switches, removing the maze.[3]


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