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A Reflec is an unused creature in Super Metroid. Little is known about this enemy, compared to the other unused creatures, except that it can reflect Samus' shots and tend to be stationary, never moving at all. They do not inflict contact damage however. Reflecs' attacks can hit each other as well, and the damage can be stacked to the point where the reflected shot will actually heal Samus. This enemy is fully programmed, and can be set to appear in eight different orientations, one for each cardinal and intermediate compass direction. They were likely originally created to be used as a sort of object for puzzle solving scenarios.[1] Reflecs can actually reflect weapons from anywhere it is hit, including its backside/core. Only when firing directly at its plate will it cause the projectile weapon to reflect in a certain/set direction. Because of its ability to reflect many attacks overall, Reflecs appear to be indestructible.

In the game, it is loaded in RAM into two areas: the vertical chasm in Ridley's Hideout containing the three Red Kihunters, and the small room opened after defeating Kraid containing an E-Tank. The Reflec somewhat resembles the Autom. In some ways they may also resemble the Mirror Arrays seen within Metroid Prime.

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  • Reflec behaves quite odd when hit with Super Missiles. It is likely due to this somewhat unusual programming that this creature was scrapped.
    • Hitting a Reflec with a Super Missile causes the screen to shake with the explosion sound effect despite not impacting on said Reflec's surface.
    • Samus takes no damage from a reflected Super Missile.
    • Sometimes firing too many Super Missiles and too quickly causes them to disappear instantly.
    • When two Reflecs are added in a position that allows a Super Missile to be reflected more than once, the game will tend to incorrectly reflect it in undescribable ways. Firing too many and too quickly could result in glitched reflected angles for said Super Missiles in question. Under these manners, it is possible for the game to lock-up with a black screen, but will still show the item HUD and controls softlocked.



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