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"Reflections Of The Past" is a short, brooding theme in Metroid: Zero Mission. It was composed by Kenji Yamamoto or Minako Hamano.


The first 20 seconds of the theme plays whenever Samus uses a standing Chozo Statue to indicate the location of a power-up. It consists largely of a low male choir chant, similar to other Chozo-related themes in Zero Mission and Metroid Prime, such as "Crateria Chozo Ruins" or Chozo Chapel of the Elders.

The theme is heard in full when Samus, on the run from the Space Pirates, finds her way to a room in Chozodia that she visited as a child. The second part of the theme consists of the same male choir with a piano melody, which plays over a flashback of Samus observing the mural on the wall. This transitions into a shot of the adult Samus, opening her eyes with an intense stare. The Ruins Test battle then follows, after which, this theme is not heard again.

The theme can be heard here: [1]

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