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Combat training within a holographic arena. Destroy all of the hologram targets before time expires.

Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt

Samus fighting Mochtroids in Regulator.

Regulator is a timed race-to-the-finish mode in Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt. In-game, it is a battle simulation used to test Samus Aran's combat abilities.

In Regulator, Samus must eliminate all enemies in a room before she is allowed to move to the next one. Regulator is timed for 10 minutes. The mode takes place in an arena similar to the Celestial Archives. The enemies faced include Metroids, creatures resembling Mochtroids, and Zoomers. At the end of the path, Samus battles a green doppelganger of herself in a circular room. Defeating the clone results in victory. During the battle, a remix of Vs. Meta Ridley plays.

It is not possible to fire charged shots of the Power Beam, although the Missile Launcher can be charged, causing them to home in on enemies within a close enough range. The Power Beam requires ammunition, unlike other games in the series. This foreshadowed the Affinity Weapon system in Metroid Prime Hunters. Missiles consume 10 units of Power Beam ammo. Samus can gain the Missile and Super Missile upgrades throughout the course of this training exercise. The highest possible point-score is 47,610, though time is kept as well. On the results screen, this mode is called "Power Suit Performance Analysis".

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