Reliquary II is a room in Bryyo Cliffside. It is a fairly small room that contains an Energy Tank, as well as the Bryyo Data entry "Golden Age" behind a panel, which can be torn from its hinges by the Grapple Lasso.

Connecting rooms[]


Energy Tank
Lies in the center of the room, in plain view upon entering the room.


"Panel mountings appear to be weak from age. May be ripped off with enough force."
Golden Age
"Look now to the past, and to the time of peace on Bryyo. See the age of gold, when our world was a paradise unrivaled. Hear the songs of joy fill the streets of the Royal City, as the people honor the coming of Bryyus the First, the Liberator. Behold, the launch of our first ship to the stars on that day, and witness the rise of Science, of a New Bryyo. See this, and see the beginning of our downfall."