A deployed Repair Capsule.

A Repair Capsule is a Support item in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Replacing the Energy Tanks of traditional Metroid games, it is a healing item in the field. Equipped prior to the start of a mission, the capsule can be fired at the ground and walked into to heal Federation Force members, or shot at a fellow Marine to replenish depleted health. If a teammate is defeated, they can be revived with half of their health. 50 points are rewarded to the Marine's score for healing a friend. Repair Capsules can also be used on mission-critical objects, such as the Data Uplink and Cargo Tram.

Repair Capsules appear differently in Blast Ball. Two appear at a time, color-coded by team, on each end of the G.F.S. Aegis, and can be used by any contestant on that team to completely replenish their health. A player from one team cannot use a capsule from the opposing team, however (i.e. someone on team Indigo cannot use a capsule from team Gold). The capsules reappear every few minutes.

MODs[edit | edit source]

There are four MODs that can be equipped to enhance Repair Capsules. Only one copy of each can be equipped at once. The first, Optimized Capsules, comes in three levels, and will cause Repair Capsules to repair half, most or all of the damage to a Mech or object. The second, Repair Link, will heal multiple variables at the same time. When a Federation Force soldier uses a Repair Capsule on an ally or a mission-critical object, they will also be healed. The third, Repair Wave, causes Capsules to release a short-range shock wave that heals other soldiers within its radius. The fourth, Guardian, allows for the user to fully repair fallen allies as fast as possible. It shares its name with various other subjects in the Metroid series.

Optimized Capsules
"Increase how much a repair capsule heals for by 50/75/100%."
Repair Link
"When a Repair Capsule is used on an ally or prop, you also receive healing."
Repair Wave
"When collected, Repair Capsules emit a short-range shock wave that heals nearby allies."
"Repair downed allies 100% faster and for 100% Energy."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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