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"Looks like a pile of rags..."

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I had made some Bryyo native skeletons to arrange in ceremonial burial poses, but didn't end up working on the room they were intended for, so I placed them in here, within the tomb alcoves built into this section, for crimes long since forgotten.

Matt Manchester

The prisoner that died in an escape attempt.

The Reptilicus prisoners are two Reptilicus criminals that were incarcerated within elaborate cages in Bryyo Fire. In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, they can be found in the Main Lift room behind the tunnel encased in ice. The prisoners have long since died, and only their skeletons remain inside the cages. Scanning their bodies will reveal their cause of death. One prisoner attempted to escape and died in the process, while the other was starved to death. What crimes they committed to end up here are unknown. Other skeletal Reptilicus can also be seen in the Imperial Crypt room of Bryyo Ice.


First prisoner
"Like most prisoners, this Reptilicus was sealed inside a cell and starved to death."
Second prisoner
"This Reptilicus prisoner appears to have died while struggling to escape his cell."