The Research Entrance is, as its name suggests, the entrance to Glacier One. It is located in the Phendrana Drifts in Metroid Prime. It is a large room containing many pillars, wires and metal walkways and a few crates, with an upper metal-floored level. When Samus enters this room, a Sentry Drone appears and sounds an alarm. Blast shields rise, the doors lock and Space Pirates attack; these must be defeated to unlock the doors again. On later trips, the Space Pirates are replaced by Shadow Pirates, and the doors do not lock.

After Samus acquires the Thermal Visor, the room becomes very foggy, likely a tactic the Pirates employ once they know Samus has breached their compound to stop Samus from seeing the Shadow Pirates.

Connecting roomsEdit

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First visitEdit



Security bioscan lock
"Force Field accessible only through Space Pirate bio-imaging. Impossible to breach."
Metroid Prime live action commercial

Metroid Prime live action commercial

The commercial in which the room appeared.


  • This room appeared in footage used in the live-action Metroid Prime commercial. Footage included featured Samus walking along the foggy walkways in the game, which was recreated in live-action as part of the Frigate Orpheon, although no such area appeared there in-game.
  • There is an unused layer in this room, "3rd Pass - Elite", which spawned an Elite Pirate. This likely would have occurred on a third visit to the room, after Samus had encountered the monstrous Pirates in the Phazon Mines. Elites are also present on unused layers in Research Lab Hydra and Control Tower.


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