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These orders are from above. Take her away!

Take her away!


The "researcher" is an unnamed, minor character only seen during a flashback cutscene in Metroid: Other M. He was one of the scientists behind the special-forces unit and Project Metroid Warriors, illegal bioweapon development projects aboard the BOTTLE SHIP.

Physical appearance[]

This character has messy black hair, wears glasses, and appears to be middle-aged. Like the other scientists behind the BOTTLE SHIP, he wears Researcher Work Clothes.


He is seen in flashbacks that take place during Samus Aran's questioning of Dr. Madeline Bergman, where she explains MB's development of emotions and opinions that contradicted the humans. While initially impressed with MB's capabilities, he later felt that her "nascent sense of herself" (in Madeline's words) had become a problem. He confronted MB in the Breeding Room, where another scientist had just been murdered, and had two Security Guards restrain her.

When Madeline asked what was going on, he explained that he was acting on orders "from above" to reprogram her personality. As she was being led out into the adjacent hallway, MB revolted and overpowered the guards and this man, sending them flying. He was most likely killed when he impacted the floor, or shortly afterwards by MB, offscreen. What became of his body is unknown, as it is not seen when Samus enters the hallway. This may indicate that the other living scientists moved it elsewhere before they too were killed.