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Two restrooms[1][2] are explorable rooms on the BOTTLE SHIP during Metroid: Other M. One appears in the Main Sector, to the left of a room with stairs leading to a terminal. It has no significant features to it, although a group of Brugs can be seen scurrying under a stall door. The first time Samus enters the room connecting to it, three Reos rush in from the restroom door, which locks until they are killed. The door to the Main Sector restroom is locked during the countdown sequence at the end of the game.

Another restroom is found in Sector 1 / Biosphere, connected to a "lobby". Both restrooms feature men's and ladies' rooms, with both of the men's rooms being inaccessible. Samus can open one of the stall doors in the ladies' room to find an Accel Charge, which up to that point would be the first of this kind of power-up that she acquires.

In terms of appearance, these restrooms are rather plain-looking, although the red color of floor and stall doors stands out. In the Biosphere restroom, the other two doors appear to be locked, although no one is using them. A small red light or knob can be seen on the locks to indicate that the stall is "occupied". The game automatically places the camera over Samus's shoulder when she explores either restroom, and she raises her Arm Cannon, ready to fire if necessary.


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  2. ^ Page 58: "Immediately after passing the Groganch, you reach a small passageway with a door on the left. Enter the door to find a restroom hiding an Accel Charge. Interact with the stall door to open it up and nab the Accel Charge."

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