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The "Rhedogian room" is a major room in Sector 3 / Pyrosphere. It appears in Metroid: Other M. Several mini-boss fights take place in this room.


The room appears as a long hallway with buttresses and yellow fluorescent lights mounted on the walls. The other end of the room is raised high, and can only be ascended either with a Grapple Point floating above the lower floor, or by using a Kick Climb shaft in a wall alcove below. Next to this ledge on the left wall is an extended platform, which Samus can jump off of.

On the higher ledge, there are three doors: on the left, a small hatch that is blocked by a Super Missile blast shield, in the center, the door exiting into a Dessgeega-infested hall, and on the right, a black gate that, when Power Bombed, spawns a Desbrachian.

Later, the floor underneath the higher area is destroyed and exposed to hot lava, rendering the Kick Climb shaft unusable. The only way to jump to the high ledge then is to use the Grapple Point.


When Samus first visits the room, there are three Cyborg Zebesians she can optionally do battle with. After passing through the room to another she cannot pass yet - and being ordered by Adam to look for survivors in Sector 2 - she returns through this room and is attacked by an Asborean. Unlike the Zebesians, this encounter locks Samus in the room until the creature is defeated.

The Rhedogian dangling Anthony over lava.

On the second visit to this room, Samus sees her friend Anthony Higgs in battle with a Rhedogian. It grabs Anthony and holds him over an exposed pit of lava. Samus screams his name and immediately enters Search View. Adam quickly authorizes her to use the Grapple Beam to get up to his level.

Samus, use of the Grapple Beam is authorized! Get to Anthony and cover him!


Samus assists Anthony in beating back the creature, which escapes by plunging itself into the lava below. Following the creature's retreat, Anthony and Samus have a conversation.


Samus and Anthony talking after the battle.

Anthony: Phew! That was ugly. Thanks, Princess. So, you get called out here too?

Samus: Called?

Anthony: Commander gave us a new directive to move as a unit. Our gather point was the navigation booth near here, but when no one showed, I figured I'd just take a look around. That's when I got jumped by those things you just saw.

Samus: What was your unit directive? I'm tracking that monster.

Anthony: We were heading to the Geothermal Power Plant to open the magma-eruption port. Gotta restore the power in this place so I can see that pretty face of yours. Yeah... It seemed a little excessive to send the whole unit to do it... but he's the commander. He must've had a reason.

Samus: Hm.

Anthony: So, Samus, how you feeling about the commander, huh?

After this, Samus has a flashback of the day that Adam's brother, Ian Malkovich, died. Feeling guilty for her behavior during the incident, she reflects further. See here for a transcript of that scene.

Samus: Adam was right. If we had waited any longer, it would have meant the end of those we had come to rescue and the end of us as well. I knew that, but...

Anthony: At the very least, you wouldn't be standing here now. That's what the commander was most scared of.

Samus: ...I was childish. No one should have to make the choice that Adam did, and yet all I could do was question his authority and make things more difficult.

Anthony: Hey, you were just a pup then, and the commander knows it. Look, forget it. Sorry for hitting a nerve. We'd better get going anyhow. Man... if something like that happened now... Huh... Best just forget about it. I'm out. [he leaves]

Samus (monologue): I knew the question Anthony was suppressing. And I knew the answer. If something like that happened again, I would hold fast to that glimmer of hope and try for redemption. That's who I am.

Connecting rooms[]

Samus and Anthony fight the Rhedogian together.



Energy Part

Missile Tank

Grapple Beam
Authorized here on Samus's return visit.
Energy Part
Requires Super Missiles. Samus must dismantle the Super Missile shield and enter the hidden room inside to activate a Terminal. This opens up a hatch on the other side of the room, and produces a second Grapple Point, which Samus can use to swing to the newly opened area. She will find the Part here.
Missile Tank
Requires Power Bombs. After using one to summon the Desbrachian on the higher floor, and killing it, Samus can enter the room it was guarding to find a Missile Tank.


  • The room was first witnessed in the Action Story trailer, which depicted the fight with the Rhedogian.