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This article is about the theme. For the boss room, see Ridley's room.

Ridley's Chamber (リドリー部屋?)[1], also known as Mini-Boss Room (II) ~ Ridley (小ボス部屋 (II) ~リドリー?)[2], is the theme of Ridley's Lair in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission. It was originally composed by Hirokazu Tanaka.


Ridley's Chamber has a low and sinister melody, playing softly between a four-note pattern that rises in pitch in the song's second half. The result is reminiscent of other contemporary "dungeon themes" from the NES era, such as the castle theme from Super Mario Bros. and the dungeon theme from The Legend of Zelda, which combine low melodies with a short repeating harmonic pattern. Its highly repetitive nature is evocative of the confusing and disorienting atmosphere of a maze, and the annoying frustration of trying to solve it.

Ridley's Chamber is remixed in the Zero Mission remake. Now, the repeating four-note pattern is much softer in relation to the melody, helping to alleviate some of the original's potentially annoying sound. The song has also been significantly extended with more melodic lines, including the second half of the Title leitmotif. Its instrumentation and arrangement, particularly due to the addition of glissando, are reminiscent of the ghost house theme from Super Mario World. It is designated as 13 in the Sound Test.

The original theme can be heard here: [1] and the theme from Zero Mission here: [2].