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Ridley's Lair[1][2][3], also known as Ridley's Hideout[4][5], Mini-Boss Hideout II[6], Lower Norfair[7], depths of Norfair[8], or simply Ridley[9], is an area on Zebes. It appears in Metroid and its remake, as well as being revisited in Super Metroid.


Ridley's Lair is part of a deeper portion of Norfair and is the deepest section of Zebes. Like the rest of Norfair, Ridley's Lair is themed around extreme heat and contained rooms flooded with lava; while the Varia Suit is needed to withstand the high temperature, Samus Aran can only dive and move freely in the lava if she wears the Gravity Suit in Zero Mission. In Super Metroid, however, the region is filled with scalding-hot lava which hurts Samus despite the protection of the Gravity Suit. Ridley's Lair also contains some of the most powerful creatures encountered in each game it was featured in.

In Zero Mission, Samus encountered and freed the Kiru Giru from Tangle Vines in the upper portion of Norfair only to battle its adult form, the Imago, in Ridley's Lair. Later, Samus found an Unknown Item (later revealed as the Gravity Suit) before encountering and defeating Ridley for the first time in the Metroid series' chronological timeline.

In Super Metroid, a Golden Torizo was fought in this area. After defeating these creatures, Samus gained access to the first Super Missiles (excluding Sequence Breaks) and the Screw Attack in Zero Mission and Super Metroid, respectively.

One of the Space Pirate leaders, Ridley, kept his chamber in the deepest part of the region, where it was guarded by immensely powerful enemies. In addition to wildlife, the area was patrolled by a large amount of Pirates in Super Metroid: numerous Yellow Space Pirates, a group of red Kihunters, and two powerful Silver Space Pirates.

In Super Metroid, Samus fought and finally killed the original Ridley here, but upon his death, she found the baby's capsule broken and empty with the hatchling itself nowhere in sight.

Ridley's Hideout was completely destroyed along with the rest of Zebes at the end of Super Metroid.


Metroid and Zero Mission[]

Super Metroid[]



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Metroid: Zero Mission[]

Super Metroid[]


In Metroid, Ridley's Chamber plays throughout Ridley's Lair. The Zero Mission remake features a remixed and extended version of Ridley's Chamber.

In Super Metroid, Norfair Ancient Ruins Area plays throughout Ridley's Hideout. This iconic theme would be later remixed for similar volcanic and superheated areas in later games such as Metroid Prime and Metroid: Samus Returns.

Official data[]

Super Metroid Players' Guide[]

Area C
"A plethora of secrets can be revealed in section C of Norfair. Samus needs to carefully explore every nook and cranny, utilising the power bombs to reveal these hidden treasures, be it a hidden statue or the opportunity to blow out the floor. Watch out for those nasties, though!"
Area E
"As Samus continues through Norfair, she gets the feeling that Mother Brain is ever more aware of her existence. Too many traps; too many obstacles. She needs to call on all of her courage, all of her mettle and strength to survive the rigours of this furious furnace..."
Area F
"With the end of this firey section in sight, Samus must tread with great care, overcoming each obstacle with the utmost skill. Now is a time for heroics, but Samus is only too aware that the best heroines are live heroines, so no fancy stuff!"

Metroid: Zero Mission manual[]

"This is the area where Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates, can be found."


  • In one room in Super Metroid, there is a giant cave modeled after some sort of creature that leads to an Energy Tank. Below the cave is another rock platform that resembles an arm with a three-fingered hand.
    • This rock formation could possibly resemble Ridley himself, given the fact that this is situated within his lair.
  • The many Chozo statues and sculptures found in this area indicate they may have had a strong presence there.

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