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"Ridley's maze" is a room in Ridley. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission. It did not exist in the original Metroid.


This room is found in the bottom left corner of Ridley. It is comprised of the same light purple architecture as much of the rest of the lair, with red-tinted ruins (likely of Chozo origin) in the background. It can only be accessed by breaking through a floor of Boost Blocks in the previous room, which requires running into it with the Speed Booster from another hallway.

From the bottom of the previous room, Samus must run to the left wall of the maze and Shinespark up. She will penetrate a pair of Boost Blocks above and enter the maze. Rolling into the adjacent shaft, Samus must quickly grab a ledge in the middle before she falls through a pair of Pit Blocks below. They do not crumble immediately, allowing her to land on one and then quickly jump off to avoid falling. The ledge leads to another drop, where Samus must again jump to a higher ledge, then fall down a third shaft. This one has an alcove that she can grip, allowing her to shoot out a Missile Block beside her.

The first Missile Tank.

This leads to a rectangular-shaped midair block with a tunnel around it. Above this is a Missile Tank above two Missile Blocks. Samus must roll to the right side and fall through five Pit Blocks. When she reaches the sixth, she must quickly use a Bomb to destroy a Fake Block to the left and roll through into another tunnel. There is a Missile Tank immediately to the left, above a Pit Block that crumbles immediately, with another block directly in the center of the tunnel, and a series of Fake and Missile Blocks above that. To shoot these, Samus must intentionally fall through the center Pit Block and quickly shoot upwards, jumping back into the tunnel. Once the blocks leading back up to the rectangular block have removed, Samus can jump up to get underneath it, and wait for the Fake Blocks to regenerate. She can then stand on them and shoot out the remaining blocks above to reach the Missile Tank in the ceiling.

Connecting rooms[]


Missile Tank
See above.
Missile Tank
See above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

161 missile tanks (page 64)
"a. After you fall into the unmapped area, start another long run to the left, into the large rectangular chamber, shooting blocks as you go. When you reach the left corner, your Speed Booster will be charged. Kneel to stop, then tap the A Button. You'll rocket upward and cruise through a pair of blocks.
b. From the upper-left corner of the room, roll right, drop and straighten out as you fall. Grab the ledge to the right, pull yourself up, roll to the right again and plummet. When you land on the collapsible block, straighten out quickly and jump up to reach the next ledge.
c. After you get to the second peak, roll to the right, tap Up to straighten as you fall, then grab the ledge to the left. While you're hanging, fire a missile to the right to clear the ledge, then jump and climb into the tight passage.
d. The floor will give way one block to the left of the roundabout section in the upper-right. Straighten as you fall, fire to the left to clear a ledge, then grab the ledge and roll up to it in one fluid motion. Roll left quickly from there and grab the area's first Missile Tank.
e. When you roll to the middle of the pipe, the midsection will break. Drop, then hang from the ledge. Aim straight up and fire missiles to break the blocks above you. Jump up, grab the ledge, then fire more missiles straight up. Continue your climb until you collect another tank."