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"Ridley's reliquary" is a room in Ridley's Lair. It appears, with differences in each version, in Metroid, Super Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission, but all contain an Energy Tank.


In all three games, this room is connected to Ridley's room, and contains an Energy Tank to fully replenish Samus's energy after the battle (although in Zero Mission, it can be obtained before).

In Metroid, Samus can access the room through a unique "Purple Blast Shield" that requires ten Missiles. Since doors do not lock in Metroid, Samus can open the door and escape into this room if necessary. The room is constructed from square, red tile and the ceiling from silver, metal tiles, which also make up part of the left wall and a pedestal holding the Energy Tank. There is no floor, which is replaced with partially fake lava. Samus can walk across the left half of it - with the right half being real lava - to reach the Energy Tank. Five Holtzes inhabit the room, and may interfere with Samus's exploration, although they are easily destroyed with the Screw Attack.

The Energy Tank in Zero Mission.

In Zero Mission, a remake of Metroid, the Silence theme plays in this room, which it does not for the other two games. The room's layout has been significantly altered. It no longer contains lava or enemies, instead being a long corridor with pink and purple tiles, and what appears to be a brick wall and aqueduct-like structure in the background. On Samus's first visit to Ridley's room, he is not there, but he appears once she has explored the reliquary. A rugged Chozo Statue is present here, and holds the third Unknown Item, later revealed to be the Gravity Suit. Collecting it enables Samus to shoot the Chozo Block behind it, and morph into its hands to replenish her energy and Missile Ammo. She can walk past the statue through the wall to obtain an Energy Tank on a pedestal.

In Super Metroid, Ridley's room has been reconstructed in a deeper area of Norfair, with the original no longer accessible. It is now a simple square room with red and golden tile, and two Chozo heads on the ceiling. Samus comes here after defeating Ridley, only to find the baby's broken capsule on the floor, with the Metroid itself nowhere to be found. Samus can shoot the block underneath the door to collect an Energy Tank before leaving.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank (Metroid)
Requires High Jump.
Energy Tank (Zero Mission)
Behind the Chozo Statue.
Energy Tank (Super Metroid)
In a block under the door.
Unknown Item/Gravity Suit (Zero Mission)
In the hands of the Chozo Statue.

Official data[]

Neither English Super Metroid strategy guide discusses this room, only showing it as containing an item on their maps.

Nintendo Power volume 29[]

Page 42
"Be sure to claim the energy tank beyond Ridley once the monster has been defeated."

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

174 unknown item #3 (page 66)
"When you enter Ridley's room for the first time, the place will be empty. Run left into the next room and collect an Unknown Item from a Chozo Statue. Then roll into the statue's arms to have it replenish your energy and missiles.
The Unknown Item will give you the power to break through glowing Chozo Blocks. The first one that you'll see is to the left of the statue.
175. Energy Tank
"After you break the block behind the Chozo Statue, continue to the left and walk through a disappearing wall to an Energy Tank."