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"Ridley's rightmost shaft" is a room in Ridley's Lair/Ridley. It appears, with differences, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


This room is a tall shaft found on the east side of Ridley's Lair in both games.

In the original game, this is a very tall shaft with multiple midair platforms, constructed from burgundy bricks, chain-like tiles and pipes. The platforms are crawling with enemies and some have Air Holes that spawn Zebbos, providing an opportunity for Samus to replenish her energy and ammo. A small pit of lava is visible under the very bottom of the shaft, but is inaccessible. Small purple bushes can be seen growing in patches on the walls as well. The room's primary purpose is to connect to multiple paths in Ridley's Lair, many of which contain Missile Tanks, but only one of which leads to Ridley himself.

In Zero Mission, the shaft is much more sparsely populated and has fewer platforms. It is now constructed from pink and purple building material. By normal means it is one of the last rooms visited in Ridley's Lair, due to the game's main path going left from the Eerie Cave rather than right. However, through a shortcut in the room to the right of the Eerie Cave, Samus can visit this room first. Otherwise, she will visit the room on her way to Ridley and when leaving the lair after his defeat. When climbing over a midair wall near the top of the room, Samus drops through a Pit Block onto a small bridge. Laying a Bomb on this bridge will reveal it is composed of Bomb Blocks, underneath which is a line of more Pit Blocks. Samus can drop through these into the shaft below.

The room's size and purpose have been expanded in the remake. In addition to the original four rooms it led to in Metroid, it now features two hidden hallways in the right wall. These each have a door leading into new rooms with expansions. Samus can access the lowest one by running through the Zebbo Nest until her Speed Booster activates, Shinesparking in the next room, a Save Room, and then quickly jumping up to the first midair platform near the base of this shaft. From here, she must Shinespark into the right wall to enter the first secret passage.

As she is returning from the first secret room in the mentioned passage, Samus can Shinespark upwards where a notch in the ceiling exists. This takes her into a second hidden passage, with an exit into another room. To re-enter the shaft, Samus must build up speed in that room and Shinespark through the wall on her left in this room.

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Zero Mission[]

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"A complex series of boosts will get you into an area that holds a pair of Missile Tanks. You'll have to wait until you have the Space Jump upgrade to collect the lower tank, but you can collect the upper one with your current upgrades. Return to the lower corridor. [Zebbo Nest] Run to the right along the passage near the ceiling to build up your Speed Booster. Kneel, drop, run to the save room, blast off to the right and run up the right-hand slope. As soon as you exit the save room, kneel to stop while charged, then climb up to a blue hatch. Tap A and blast off to the right, through a Speed Booster blockade. Use another boost to blast off through a hole in the ceiling, then boost to the right to collect the tank."

It is not true that the lower room's Missile Tank. requires the Space Jump, it can be obtained without the upgrade.

"Travel to the lowest corridor. [Zebbo Nest] Run rightward in the even passage near the ceiling to build up your booster, kneel to stop, then scurry over to the save room. Fire at the right hatch and blast off to the right, hitting the uphill slope as you go.
Kneel to stop at the bottom of the shaft. Quickly climb up to the next hatch, tap the A Button, then hold Right to blaze through the right wall into an unmapped section."
"Charge your booster on the way out of the large chamber and kneel to stop after you dash through the hatch. Line yourself up under the divot in the ceiling and blast off to another unmapped area."