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"Ridley's runway" is a room in Ridley. It appears in Metroid: Zero Mission. It did not exist in Metroid.


This is a new room in Ridley found within the right wall of the lair's rightmost shaft. To enter it, Samus must build up her Speed Booster in the Zebbo Nest and maintain a Shinespark through the Save Room, before quickly Shinesparking into the wall in the rightmost shaft, beside the first midair platform. Continuing into the "chain reaction chamber", Samus must again activate her Speed Booster and return the way she came, then Shinespark into the ceiling of the shaft where there is a divot. This will bring Samus into another passage leading into the runway room. If the Speed Booster has been skipped (for example, in a Low Percent Run) then Samus cannot visit either room.

This chamber is a corridor with no enemies. It has a small slope near the front and the walls, ceiling and floor are purple, with red-tinted ruins visible in the background. These ruins include what appear to be bricks and cross-like constructions of unknown purpose. Along the path are a small group of Fake Blocks in the shape of a square, and a single Missile Block in midair.Above the latter block is the beginning of a solid pillar attached to the rightmost wall. This has a Fake Block near its center-right, although it serves no purpose. Another, short pillar hangs below this block, while an artificial wall of Boost Blocks fills in the gap between the pillar and the floor, part of which is raised under the blocks.

In order to pass through the Boost Blocks, Samus must return to the passage in the previous room, and run back in until her Speed Booster activates. She must quickly clear the Fake and Missile Blocks in her way and immediately Spin Jump through the wall of Boost Blocks, without colliding with the raised section of floor that is indestructible. If she is successful, Samus will come out to the other end of the room, where she will find three pedestals in the floor, atop the tallest of which sits a Missile Tank. Afterwards, she can run back into the shaft-passage and Shinespark or Speed Boost through the left wall to get back into the shaft itself.

The concept of this room is very similar to the "superheated runway" in Norfair, as that room also features a blockade that requires a Speed Boosted-Spin Jump. However, that room is required for progression, while this one contains an optional expansion.

Connecting rooms[]


Missile Tank
See above.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

"Charge your booster on the way out of the large chamber [Chain reaction chamber] and kneel to stop after you dash through the hatch. Line yourself up under the divot in the ceiling and blast off to another unmapped area."
294 missile tank (pg. 94)
"Build your booster as you run right. Blast through blocks with your beam, then use a missile to break a single floating block. Run through a few layers of Speed Booster Blocks, then jump before you reach the solid barrier. You'll cut through the remaining blocks while you're in the air."