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"Ridley's shortcut" is a room in Ridley's Lair/Ridley. It appears, with significant differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


This room connects directly to the entrance to Ridley, the Eerie Cave, from the right. In both games, it is a corridor-length room containing lava and multiple Holtz, Violas and Air Holes that spawn Zebbos. In Metroid, it is a straightforward corridor with the entire floor being covered in lava. The ceiling is lined with teeth-like spikes, although they are simply background fodder and do not damage Samus. To navigate the room, Samus must jump across multiple midair platforms and pillars, consisting of metal blocks.

In Zero Mission, the room has been significantly updated and is somewhat easier to navigate. It now consists of architectural ruins above a shallow pool of lava, with only a few pits that Samus can fall into. A barrier is now present in front of the first half of the room, seemingly making it a one-way corridor. To get past it, Samus must fire at a Missile Block in the ceiling above the door. This opens a hidden vertical tunnel that ends in a Pit Block and allows Samus to navigate to the other side. Using this, it is possible to skip the Imago battle, which Samus would face in the Eerie Cave's other direction.

In the other half of the room, a small number of platforms above the lava exist, as well as an Air Hole. To get back to the other side, Samus can shoot a Missile Block in the bottom left corner from where she dropped in, and then use Bombs to destroy two blocks below that. She will drop through the ceiling if she rolls left.

Connecting rooms[]



Zero Mission[]

  • 2 Violas
  • 2 Air Holes spawning Zebbos
  • 3 Holtzes


Missile Tank (Zero Mission)
Found on a high ledge on the right side of the room. Samus can freeze a Zebbo and use it as a platform to get to this tank. Alternatively, she can use the Turbo Bomb technique, or return with the Space Jump.

Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

179 missile tank (pg. 68)
"Stop after you pass an enemy-producing pipe in the lair's upper right section. Jump up to make the next enemy rise high above the pipe, and freeze the creature after it flies over your head. Using the enemy as a platform, climb to a high ledge and grab a Missile Tank in the upper-right corner of the room."
"When you reach the upper-left section of the large rectangular room, hit the block in the lower-left corner with a missile, then bomb through the floor to reach the room right of the elevator shaft."
"The quickest way to the right-side of Ridley's lair is through a small hole in the ceiling in the room to the right of the elevator shaft. Use a missile to open the hole, then Space-Jump up to the narrow passage. Bomb blocks and climb."