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The "Rinka hall" is a room in Tourian. It appears, with significant differences between versions, in Metroid and Metroid: Zero Mission.


This room leads directly into the Zebesian Command Center in both games. While its appearance is different between the versions, both contain enemies that can be killed repeatedly in order to replenish energy and Missile Ammo.


In Metroid, the room is constructed out of curving metal pipes and bricks, the former of which appear jumbled closer to the exit. The exit is found on an upper ledge, which must be jumped to from a raised section of floor. Near the entrance is a small staircase and three platforms suspended over a pool of lava. The final Metroids are found here, some of which spawn from the ceilings and one from the lava. Samus can freeze and ignore them or kill them to replenish energy and ammo. Should she run out of the latter when fighting Mother Brain in the next room, she can return to this one and kill the respawned Metroids to replenish.

Zero Mission[]

In Zero Mission, the room is now a straight, flat corridor. The lava and pipes are gone, and the room is constructed entirely out of steel or metal. There are no Metroids in this room, as the last of the specimens are now destroyed in the triple-tiered room. It is now home to thousands of infinitely spawning orange and green Rinkas, which can be destroyed to replenish energy and ammo. This is recommended if any energy and ammo was lost while fighting the Metroids, as there is no other way to replenish either in Tourian.

Samus returns to the room after its destruction.

The room can be revisited after the explosion of Tourian. Curiously, the entrance door remains intact, while the exit door is totally destroyed, and the rest of the room is shown to be rusted and corroded. The background appears solid blue on the first visit, but after its destruction, large pipes are visible in the background with multiple punctures. In order to obtain a hidden expansion in the escape shaft, Samus must run in this hall until her Speed Booster activates, and then Shinespark to the left from the ceiling. She will continue until she blasts through a wall in the shaft.

In Super Metroid, this room, and much of the original Tourian, is no longer present. The new Zebesian Command Center is now entered from a long shaft.

Connecting rooms[]

In Zero Mission, the room is instead entered from the last Save Station in Tourian.


Official data[]

Metroid: Zero Mission: The Official Nintendo Player's Guide[]

206 LOAD UP ON PICKUPS (page 74)
"Save your progress, then spend some time in the next corridor destroying ring-shaped shots and collecting the missiles and energy pickups that they leave. You'll blaze through the blasts quickly by using your Screw Attack."