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Rival Radar is a feature of the Metroid Prime Hunters multiplayer. It serves a similar role as Bark mode in Nintendogs in that it allows the player to add up to three other Metroid Prime Hunters players to a list of rivals, by placing the game in Sleep Mode and approaching other players who are doing the same. Data between the two Nintendo DS systems is then exchanged, and the players will be listed as rivals on their respective systems. This allows players to play certain matches together without exchanging friend codes. Rivals can also be added to the roster after completing matches. Rival Radar predates the very similar "StreetPass" feature on the Nintendo 3DS system, where data is exchanged between two consoles in sleep mode when in close proximity with one another.

Official data[edit | edit source]

Ingame instructions
"Press OK to activate the Rival Radar. Then close your Nintendo DS and bring it wherever you go. If you come near another person who is using their Rival Radar too, you will add each other to your Rival lists."
"Select RIVAL RADAR from the Multiplayer Menu, then tap on the [checkmark] icon to start communication. If you come near someone who has his/her DS on RIVAL RADAR, you can exchange your Hunter License (page 42) with up to three players at a time, and register those players on your RIVALS roster."
Metroid Prime Hunters Official Nintendo Player's Guide
"Similar to Bark mode in Nintendogs, Rival Radar allows you to add other MPH players to your Rivals list. Activate the feature and close your DS. The radar will search for and save data from other MPH-equipped systems in Rival Radar mode."
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