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The subject of this article is not named in-game.
The current title is from the game's internal data.

Robotsmall and Robotbig are the internal animation file names for two non-hostile robots in Metroid: Samus Returns.


Robotsmall and Robotbig appear to have been created by the Chozo for mining purposes when they established their colony on SR388. An army of both types of units are seen in the third image of the Chozo Memories, which also depicts maintenance on the Diggernaut in a large complex.

Both Robotsmall and Robotbig have gold plating and a single red eye; these features are shared with other Chozo robots on SR388, including Diggernaut and Autoad. Unlike other robots, Robotsmall and Robotbig are not hostile and cannot directly interact with Samus Aran, nor be attacked or damaged by her.


Robotsmall (also referred to as "Chozohardware01" in the game's files) are, as the name implies, smaller mining robots. They are seen in the background of Area 3.

Robotsmall units are seen again in Area 6, during the cutscene preceding the Diggernaut battle. The robots flee through the massive door that the Diggernaut opens when confronting Samus before its battle with her. They are not seen in the room again.


Robotbig (also referred to as "Chozohardware02" in the game's files) only appears in the background of Area 3, using its pickaxe-like arms to strike rock on the ground. Inactive units of this type can also be seen in the background, scattered among a cliffside.

A group of these robots can be seen in a lower cavern uncovering a luminescent, glowing substance, which is presumably Aeion.