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This article is about the character from Samus and Joey. For other uses, see Rocket (Disambiguation).

Rockets (ロケッツ Rokettsu?) (also known as Lightning Rockets and Speed Demon Rockets) was a professional space racer and the 5 time champion of Death Race Firecracker. He was also a member of the Deadly Six Stars and possessed Samus Aran's stolen Speed Booster, as revealed on a promotional poster. This ability was the grand prize for the winner of the race, motivating Samus to participate. Rockets used the Speed Booster to wipe out the competition and target Samus through three treacherous zones of the Extreme Galaxy. He managed to damage Samus' Gunship, but Samus outwitted him by activating an overdrive in her ship and got far ahead of him. Angered by the move, Rockets Shinesparked and caught up to her. However, the overload of energy that the Shinespark created destabilized his ship, and Samus shot it, destroying him. She recovered the Speed Booster from the wreckage of his ship.