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Rocky Newton is a former artist at Nintendo Software Technology. He worked on Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt, concepting and creating the Title Screen and menus alongside the art lead. He also modeled, textured and animated "one of the player characters", which would be Samus Aran as she is the demo's only playable character. Newton's role is not acknowledged in the demo, which has no staff credits, nor is it in the credits of the final title, Metroid Prime Hunters. He also created the 3D laser engraved Samus Aran Crystals given to each NST employee as a gift, and made the cutscenes in Mario vs. Donkey Kong. After leaving NST in 2005, he worked at Monolith Productions for a while. He is currently the cinematic director at Ghost Story Games, and is working on an unannounced title.

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