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The Rohkor Beetle (called the Goliath Beetle in the E3 2015 Trailer) is a boss in Metroid Prime: Federation Force. It is a large creature that appears on Bion. The Federation Force is tasked with killing this creature before it can destroy an important unmanned probe in M12: Last Stand. A warning will be issued for every 100 meters the Rohkor Beetle gets toward the probe.


To open its mouth and damage the creature, the Force must first destroy its four knees. After all of its knees have been destroyed, the Force can fire into its mouth. If the Rohkor Beetle is hit with a Freeze Shot, its whole body will freeze aside from its mouth. Its attacks consist of a laser beam fired from its mouth, gas, and spawning Fire Griptoraxes and Fire Shriekbats. It will also fire Rohkor Pods from its back; Rohkor Pods are weak large boulders that spawn Fire Hoppers upon landing. The Pods can be destroyed before any Hoppers are spawned. There is a Cannon in front of the probe that can be used to attack the Beetle.

After its defeat, it will attempt to get back up and fall down on top of the soldiers, but it is shot back by Samus Aran, in her Gunship using Ship Missiles.

It does not seem to be related to the Beetles of Tallon IV.