The Root Cave is a room in the Tallon Overworld. It appears in Metroid Prime.


The cave is a large, roughly cylindrical room that focuses on vertical movement. The very bottom of the cavern has a steaming mound of earth that seems to resemble a large anthill. If Samus comes within close proximity of this mound, six Beetles will emerge. To ascend any higher than halfway, Samus will need the Grapple Beam and preferably the X-Ray Visor, as after swinging from a Grapple Point, four invisible platforms lie ahead. It is possible to scale them without the X-Ray Visor, since rain splashes on the platforms, giving out their locations. At the top of the room is a Red Door leading to Arbor Chamber.

A Secret World be found in this room: [1]

Connecting roomsEdit


Root cave summit view dolphin HD

Samus looks upwards near the top of the Cave.


Missile Expansion
After jumping up all four invisible platforms, if Samus turns to the left there is a small cave with the outside covered by vines. Samus can see past the vines and to the Missile Expansion inside with the X-Ray Visor.


Water droplets
"These water droplets seem to be stopping in midair."
Beetle lair
"Analysis indicates incubating life-forms below the surface."


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