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Rotating lift platforms are round platforms attached to poles that are capable of ascending, and rotate when doing so. They can be controlled by the use of Spinners, which are marked by glowing lights. The poles are lined with ten yellow rods at their tops. After being raised to its maximum height, the platform locks in place and the Spinner shuts down. If the Spinner is not being used, the platform will slowly descend back into its original position.

These platforms appear in the Geothermal Core of the Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime. Samus is required to use the platforms to ascend to Plasma Processing. After obtaining the Grapple Beam and Spider Ball (or performing Ghetto Jumps in the original version of Prime), Samus can jump to one of these platforms and raise it using the Spinner. From here, she must jump to another platform and repeat the process, and then jump back to the first platform now that it is higher. A third platform is next to the first. Samus is required to raise it and then climb the Spider Ball Track lined on the pole to get back above the platform. Finally, she must jump to a fourth and final platform, which features a Morph Ball Slot instead of a Spinner. After this is done, the poles will begin to push the ceiling upward (the rods will spin around) and reveal a complex network of Spider Ball Tracks. A pole is extended from the wall to allow Samus to begin climbing. Samus must carefully traverse the Tracks to reach Plasma Processing, which contains the Plasma Beam.

Scan[edit | edit source]

"Rotating lift platforms are in working order."

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