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Rotation Control Units are featured in the Ore Processing room of the Phazon Mines. These are small hubs containing Morph Ball Slots that control the central tower. The tower contains pieces of three Spider Ball Tracks (color-coded blue, red and yellow in terms of importance), which Samus must connect to ascend. The Units feature holographic representations of each Track so that Samus can see what she has done. The first is the blue Track, which has only one section and takes Samus to a ledge with another Rotation Control Unit. Lining up the red Track brings her to the second level. Across from her is the third and final Unit, but it is blocked off by a wall of Bendezium, forcing her to return to it later. Once she acquires the Power Bombs in Central Dynamo, Samus can destroy the Bendezium and rotate the final, yellow Track, which takes her to the top floor and to Storage Depot B, which contains another upgrade: the Grapple Beam.

Scans[edit | edit source]

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Rotation Control Unit
"This is a rotation control unit for the lower* section of the pillar. It requires power to operate."
"Rotation Control Unit blocked by partial collapse of Bendezium wall."

* this is replaced with middle and upper, depending on the Slot Samus is scanning.

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