The Routing tower is a large structure on the Pirate Homeworld in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It appears in the Craneyard in Pirate Research. It features two rotating sections that are controlled by two Spinners and lead to two different upgrades: a Missile Expansion, and more importantly, the Hazard Shield.

Samus comes to the Craneyard in search of protection from the Acid Rain on the planet, but is unable to access the rest of the room without the Spider Ball. After collecting it, Samus can use a Spider Ball Track to enter a small orange chamber, which contains a Morph Ball tunnel that leads inside the base of the tower.

The tower must be rotated to carefully align a Morph Ball shaft that Samus can ascend. The bottom section features two tunnels, while the top one features three (one of them is simply an extra). Most of the tunnels in this tower have air pockets that launch Samus upward for short periods of time, assisting with her navigation. The tunnel that leads to the Hazard Shield is lined with a Spider Ball Track and leads into a chamber on the wall. Here, Samus can use a Hand Scanner to control a conveyor arm, which takes the Hazard Shield item, contained in a capsule and brings it inside. The capsule is then removed, allowing Samus to obtain the item.


"Routing tower is designed to rotate to allow access to different areas."

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