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Rubbish or trash (as named in Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition) is a type of refuse found in the Biosphere's Scrap Block and nearby unnamed rooms in Metroid: Other M. It can be destroyed using Bombs or Missiles, and although the texture of the piles appears to be that of shredded paper, when destroyed it melts in a fashion similar to metal. Compressed cubes of the substance can be found blocking several Morph Ball tunnels, released from dispensers in the ceiling. This dispenser may also release a Geemer.

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[edit | edit source]

Page 50
"The vent drops you into a long narrow shaft running around the outside of the Experiment Floor chamber. Use Normal Bombs to destroy the cubes of trash and Geemers in your way until you reach a hole to drop into."
"About halfway down the path is an [sic] trash cube blocking an adjacent pathway on the left. You can destroy the cube now if you want, but the path leads to an area you can't fully explore yet."
Scrap Block (page 60)
"Drop into the hole near the end of the path to find another short section of ventilation shaft. Roll to its end and drop into the Scrap Block room populated by several Wavers. Eliminate the Wavers with your Beam, then use missiles to remove all the rubbish piles from the room. This reveals a staircase and a small tunnel at the far end of the room."
"Eliminate the Grippers in your way, then remove the vines blocking the path ahead. Upon reaching the end of the tunnel, you’ll find a large dirt clod blocking the path. Hit it with a missile to clear the way, then use another missile to remove the trash blocking the vent at the end of the tunnel. Roll into the vent and take it all the way to the Subterranean Control Room."
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