Ruined Shrine is a room in Bryyo Cliffside in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


This room is a towering shaft featuring many golems, though none are functional and most are in ruins. The first golem at the entrance has a cluster of Fuel Gel crystals on its side, with many small hardened crystals lined up to the top of the head, and a damaged structure behind the head of the golem. If the crystals are ignited, the explosion will run up the golem and tip the eroded structure over. Samus now has a method of crossing the gap. A Grapple Swing Point is exposed for Samus to use. After some jumps, Samus will come across a pole-like structure with two crystals on the side and on a platform adjacent from Samus. Two ropes hold the structure and are connected to the crystals. When both are ignited, the ropes will burn and Samus can cross the next chasm.

This will lead to a new chasm, however there is a bridge that Samus can immediately cross without the need to knock down eroded structures. At the end there will be a collection of rubble that Samus can easily clear away with her Missiles or Charge Beam. Once cleared, a path to the Galactic Federation outpost is open. This path has multiple weaponry caches.

The room's debris column Grapple Point is featured in a gameplay clip in the attract mode of Corruption, in which it falls after receiving enough damage.

Connecting rooms[]



Energy Tank
Located at the bottom of the shaft, hidden under a broken fragment of a War Golem. This particular fragment is made of Talloric Alloy and vulnerable to Bombs.


Gragnol Hive
"Structure: Gragnol Hive. Bioforms detected within. Vulnerable to explosive blasts."
Crystallized Fuel Gel
"Crystallized Fuel Gel. Formation is unstable and vulnerable to weapon fire."
"Aged gel crystal. Hardened shell appears invulnerable to weapon fire."
"Structure heavily eroded. Localized explosive blasts could cause complete structural failure."
Talloric Alloy
"Broken golem statue fragment. Structural integrity compromised. Talloric alloy detected within stonework."
"Broken column debris is blocking path. Explosive blast could probably destroy it."
Backup caches
"Backup cache of Federation weaponry appears to have not been used for some time."