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The "ruined elevator shaft" is a room in the Main Sector. It appears in Metroid: Other M.


This is a large room with a wall near the back containing an elevator shaft. The elevator is found to the left of the shaft on the floor, having been destroyed some time before the events of the game. Bars that were positioned around the elevator can be seen disfigured. Pieces of broken glass are found at the base of the shaft. The wall itself is decorated with numerous blue lights, some of which still remain active even with the electrical system being powered down. The floor of the room has a grey pattern with a yellow stripe around the border, and yellow lights mounted at the base of the left and right walls. At the top of the shaft, there is a short platform with more pieces of broken glass (which make a cracking noise when stepped on) and the door to continue into the Main Sector.

When Samus initially enters the room, it has no power like much of the sector. As she approaches the wall, Brugs can be seen crawling up the side of it, foreshadowing a coming encounter. A tutorial for the Kick Climb appears on-screen, as a reminder of how to perform the technique (although it was performed during the training sequence). Once she has reached the top, she can continue through the Main Sector.

MB oversees the destruction in this room.

While Samus is questioning Madeline Bergman near the end of the game, a flashback depicts MB commanding the special-forces unit to turn against the BOTTLE SHIP researchers. She orders them to attack from the top of the elevator in this room, shattering the glass shaft, while scores of Cyborg Zebesians slaughter the scientists and security guards.

On her return to the BOTTLE SHIP, Samus revisits this room on her way to the Control Room. It is now inhabited by Reos and Zoomers, and the wall lights that were previously blue are now yellow. With the Speed Booster authorized, Samus can use it to obtain a Missile Tank here (see below). She passes through this room one last time during the countdown sequence at the end of the game. Two Super Zebesians appear clinging to the elevator walls, but they can be safely ignored; if Samus does not stop running she can even run past their energy beams. They will be engulfed by explosions as Samus approaches the door.

Connecting rooms[]



Missile Tank
Requires Speed Booster. Samus must build up speed (running out to the room with the stairs if needed) and Shinespark up the elevator shaft to access a hidden chamber above the room, where this tank is found in a small crate.

Official data[]

Metroid: Other M Premiere Edition[]

Page 42
"Dash across the room, then Kick Climb up the niche on the far end."
Page 147
"Back up into the room outside this long hall [with the staircase] and get a running start into this room. Use Shinespark and leap straight up just as you reach the shaft in the room. You land inside a small room holding a crate with a Missile Tank"