Rundas-G is Gandrayda mimicking Rundas. As with all other mimics of other creatures, Gandrayda inherits Rundas' weakness when morphing into him. The fourth form she will take, she inherits the cryokinetic ability to "surf" on ice off the ground much like Rundas himself would, his ice sword, and the ability to fire blasts of ice. However, these blasts of ice have more electric properties. As with Rundas, Samus is to stun Rundas-G and then rip his armor off with her Grapple Lasso so that she can attack him.

Thanks to Samus' possession of the Plasma Beam at this point, Rundas' armour is much easier for her to remove, a result of his ice-based armour being vulnerable to high-temperature attacks.

Gandrayda morphs into Rundas-G one last time as she is dying.



"Morphology: Rundas-G. Limited cryokinesis now available. Vulnerable to high-temp attacks."