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Rundas-mae, as named internally, is a theme from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rundas-mae is heard in cutscenes where Rundas interacts with Samus Aran. It is first heard on Norion when Rundas informs Samus that she can remotely command her Gunship, and it is heard again after Rundas rescues Samus from Meta Ridley. Rundas-mae is heard for the final time when Rundas dispatches some Space Pirates at Bryyo Fire, just before he battles Samus. Essentially, it serves as Rundas's leitmotif prior to his more iconic boss theme.

Rundas-mae is not included in the Soundtrack Gallery. However, it was available on the music player on the UK Corruption website, where it is named Track_4. It is also included as the beginning of the Theme of Rundas track on the Samus Archives Sound Selection CD.

Rundas-mae largely consists of a militaristic drumbeat and a male choir, although an electric guitar and ambient noises are also heard at times. The choir proudly sings a recurring melody from the Corruption soundtrack, which is also heard in the themes of Gandrayda and SkyTown.

Rundas-mae can be heard here: [1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Mae" is Japanese for "before". This convention is also found with the internal names of Silence ("Boss Mae"), Dark Samus Intro ("darksamus-mae"), and Crash-Ship-MAE.
  • Rundas is the only one of the three Bounty Hunters fought in Corruption who has a separate theme for encounters outside his boss battle. Gandrayda's encounter theme is an abridged version of her battle theme, and Ghor has no encounter theme.
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