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I already had the basic theory for the Metroid music design in my head, so organizing my thoughts on these questions was very intuitive. Of course, as you mentioned in your question, in this title, there are other hunters such as Gandrayda, Rundas and Ghor, so it was also one of my important objectives to create theme music for each bounty hunter to give players a strong impression of these hunters.

Kenji Yamamoto[1]

Metroid Prime 3 Packaging

Rundas Fight[2] is a theme in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


As its name indicates, Rundas Fight is heard during the battle against Rundas at the Temple of Bryyo. It is not available in the Soundtrack Gallery or music player.

The track primarily utilizes synthesizers and vocals in its composition. The song has vocalizations delivered in a somber manner alongside powerful percussion and guitar strings, representing the tragedy of Samus Aran being forced to fight her comrade Rundas due to the latter succumbing to Terminal Corruption.

A remixed version of Rundas Fight is integrated into the theme of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. The trailer for Trilogy uses the original Rundas Fight for its portion containing Corruption footage.

Rundas Fight is included as part of the Theme of Rundas track in the Samus Archives Sound Selection, the soundtrack CD included with the Special Edition of Metroid: Samus Returns. This track opens with Rundas-mae, the theme heard during the previous encounters with Rundas, and then transitions to the battle theme.

Rundas Fight can be heard here: [1]


  • Prior to the battle, Rundas also has his own theme music, which is heard in all of his appearances up until the point where he attacks Samus. This feature is unique to Rundas.


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